About Me

Hello, I'm Stephanie! Born and raised in LA, but currently living in Berkeley, California. I'm a 21-year-old college student and this blog consists of random snippets of my life and thoughts, so I hope you enjoy! You can read this blog post to find out more about my blog's name and me, but here are some more random facts, just for the heck of it!

1. I'm an English major. I've always loved to read and write, hence the creation of this blog!

2. I'm super impulsive and trying to learn how to control it. I'm sometimes fun, sometimes plain stupid.

3. I'm not a photographer and I'm not trying to become one, so please don't criticize my pictures too much! I just love to take pictures, especially of other people and scenic views. I'm much better behind a camera than in front of it in my opinion.

4. I'm a horrible coffee addict. I know it makes my teeth yellow, but I don't care. I will continue to whiten my teeth every other year if it means I get to enjoy coffee.

5. Proudly, I've spent and continue to spend way too many hours following shows and purging on Netflix marathons. I adore entertainment, especially documentaries! People always comment on how I know so many weird facts and it's because of all the documentaries I watch.

6. Uncontrollable wanderlust. Also, uncontrollable shopper and dessert eater.

7. I like to wake up at 1pm and sleep at 4am because I'm most productive and awake at night.

8. If you see me in person, you might remember me as the girl with ever-changing hair and red eyeshadow/eyeliner... I like to wear warm makeup colors is all I have to say about my eyeshadow choices, and for my hair, just why not?! I love changing my hair color! Even as a kid, my hair was always different colors and styled differently everyday.

9. I can't swim, but I find tremendous comfort being near water.

Thank you for discovering more about me and my blog! Hope you will stay along for the adventure.

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