Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Summer vacation loves to throw a fastball at me every year it seems with how fun and fast it goes. I have already started school 3 weeks ago, and summer already feels like a long time ago. Entering my last year in college, my last fall semester seems to keep throwing fastballs at me too. Some fastballs so far:
  1.  "Oh this interesting class says it's open online. JK, when you try enrolling in it it will say full."
  2.   Professor says, "Don't worry, I will let everyone on the wait list in the class!" Next week, "JK.  I can't actually."
  3.   Professor says, "Yeah you will most likely get into the class." Next week, "Actually you just have to wait and see. I'll let people in randomly even though you're number 4 on the waitlist. It's like an adventure!"
  4.   "This 3 unit class is going to be so easy!! JK, it's a ton of reading and 4 essays for only 3 units?!"
  5.   "I'm gonna get in this Baking decal class." *Over 1,000 kids apply for 40 spots*
  6.   "You'll find out if you get into the class by the end of this week." *3 weeks later and still don't know*
  7.   "I'm waist listed for 2 classes, so I guess I just have to do the hw and attend both for the next month... Okay."
NOTE, the above list is heavily paraphrased by me.

Although summer makes me sad with how fast it goes, school just makes me stressed with all it's ambiguity.

But, however stressed I am, I have made myself a list of happy goals to achieve too:
  1.  Go out more! Invite friends to actually go outside of school. There's so much more nature and pretty things to do around here than LA.
  2.   Explore more of SF! Even it it costs $30 bucks to Uber around. 
  3.   Eat better food. I live in SF! Some of the best food is here, hello?!
  4.   Work out. Gain them abs. Lose that Transfer 20 weight from last year LOL.
  5.   Stop looking for "easy" classes. Take interesting classes! It's the last year to learn from the best and the last year of constantly being surrounded by great minds!
  6.   Stop obsessing over school. It's the last year.
Although super stressed from the chaos of the beginning of the school year, I am still very happy to be back. Already have covered about most of my happy goals list and it's just the beginning of the school year, so I just have to keep it up!

Senior year, let's go (faster through the beginning please)!!

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