Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zoo(m) In!

Ecote tank top / / For Love and Lemons bralette / / Ralph Lauren shorts (old) / / Converse sneakers

Zooming in with my camera all the way to capture the small and hidden animals at the zoo seems to be my hobby this summer! I love animals and always have since I was a kid, but only this summer have I actually gone to the most famous zoo - the San Diego Zoo! Actually, I went like last month (which will be another late post heh), but I went to the Safari Park for my first time too this summer and it was such a great experience. 

Although expensive, the Safari Park in SD is wonderful to see all of the animals run, be free, and mingle with other species in a huge chunk of land. It gave me so much joy to just witness a bunch of different species chilling and simply looking at and with each other because it is such a rare nonexistent sight in other zoos.

I wore this cute and very light-weight outfit to the Safari Park because it was 100 degrees with skin-burning sun shining down at full potential. SO glad I wore something so light because I literally sweated the entire day... so don't zoom in to close to me! Hehe.

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