Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Break, Finally!

Abercrombie & Fitch dress (just bought on sale in stores, but don't see it online!)  / / mom's belt (old) / / Jeffrey Campbell boots / / Rebecca Minkoff purse


Oh my gosh I can't believe how quickly this year actually went by! And, I survived my first year without ruining my GPA! 

Getting sick like 10 times (literally - ask my roommate), breaking out in acne, and crying for a whole week straight (again, literally - ask my roommate) are just some of the many firsts that I have fulfilled during my first year at Berkeley (sadly or funnily - take it as you may). However, I'm finally on summer break and am so excited to be home for a straight 3 months! But, I only have one month of freedom before I start working full-time in June so time to go wild! I've been home for awhile now, but have mainly been stuck indoors due to a few sicknesses happening back to back... literally the worst start of summer vacation ever. But, I can't wait until I get better so I can start actually going out and continue my tanning.

So, one of the few the only remotely exciting thing I have done so far is visit the Venice Canals in LA. Surprisingly large and entertaining! You can spend a good like 3 hours just walking around and looking at the houses and boats.

The houses here remind me of Disneyland because they're all really short and have a theme - one was shaped like a castle, some super modern, some kind of like a temple. It was just so amazing to see how unique each house was built and decorated! Although they kind of look like mini houses because of the short floor heights and narrow length, but don't be fooled! Although narrow, but are long and have multiple floors. Some of the newer ones are even like a mansion and make me so jealous! I really recommend walking around here because these houses are just such #goals. Each house I think also owns a little boat in the canal! They're all so unique and vintage I want one!

Bread, bread, bread, bread! I LOVE BREAD! 

My lovely boyfriend decided we should go to this Italian restaurant nearby afterwards and it was one of the best I've ever had (my favorite Italian restaurant is in San Diego!)! It was next to the Venice pier, so very romantic and cooling at night, and had the best garlic bread EVER. It's called C&O Trattoria for anyone interested!

Super random and jumpy post, but that's all I have for now hehe. I shall live vicariously through everyone on my social media until I'm better again! So, until next time!

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