Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Appealing to a Feeling

NBD dress / / Michael Kors heels
Weddings have always made me cry like a baby!! I guess because of all of the raw and vulnerable emotions just out for the world to see and also the idea that I am witnessing someone's final fulfillment of happiness and love happening right in front of me... As a pretty cynical person living in a world that I believe is a being increasingly filled with strange phobias and superficial feelings, weddings somehow still give me hope for the future (for myself and for all of you!). Since I'm such a sensitive introvert, I've always found it appealing when people share with me their feelings, giving me some typ(a) feeling, too. Get my title now (I think it's witty, okay!)?!

Side note, also thankful for a shopping addiction that provides to me an array of dresses to choose from when attending a wedding last minute!!

My cousin and his gf finally got married this weekend and it was such a cute wedding. I'm very thankful to have been there to witness it all (even though I was not planning to because of an ugly cold sore; this also explains why for all of these pics I'm looking to the right LOL) because I have not been to a wedding in awhile and so, this was such a refreshment after such an emotionally tumultuous year for me. What a great way to start off the summer!

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