Monday, April 11, 2016


Brandy Melville top (old) / / Free People bralette / / Madewell skirt (old)

Studying, reading, and adulting (aka laundry, cooking, etc) all in the midst of midterm season can definitely make one feel like they're just marinading in stress and chores, so like any rational and responsible college student, I decided to ignore it all and headed over to the Berkeley marina to marinade in sun and saltwater air instead! Get my title now?!

I stayed at a hotel right on the marina one of the first times I came to Berkeley interestingly, but I haven't visited since. Super funny side story: I told my friends on the trip that I couldn't come to Berkeley because the air is too clean and crisp - it hurt my lungs. HAHAH. Literally everyone on that trip looked at me and gave me a "wtf did you just say" or "is this girl being forreal" look. But anyways, I love the air now! I also love the vibe of the marina because it's so beautiful, lush, and hipster. It's one of those areas where I look at and can't help but think "I can't believe I live here now." I literally could have cried from happiness too because a huge section of the park is a dog park so dogs kept randomly running up or walking around me - heaven on earth is dogs runnings free chasing birds and bugs and sometimes even you.

I'm going to make sure to make more of an effort to visit the marina and other beautiful places around school, and not just as last minute escapes from stress... although last minute escapes are great, too.

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