Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Get Higher, Get Closer

American Apparel top / / Heavenly Couture skirt / / Madewell sandals (old)

As someone that considers oneself moderately adventurous, I'd like to say I go to new heights all the time (cue the sarcasm). I'm not afraid of heights, so if it's possible to go higher somewhere, I will most likely volunteer to go first. I even went bouldering this spring break (rock climbing without the harness)! I feel like going high at places really allows one to see a place or a city for what it really is. When you look outside of airplanes, you can see the difference between places easily and get a feel for a city immediately. Or even when you go hiking in those high trails! We're always trying to get higher to see and understand places for what they really are because when you look down, you get a completely new perspective of a place and it's a perspective I believe really gets you closer to a place strangely because you finally get to see how things fit in the bigger picture.

If you're from SoCal, you know how flat the land is. Whenever you drive up a hill, doesn't it just freak you out?! But when you look up high at LA, you can really see how literally flat and perfectly squared and organized everything is - like a circuit board is the best way to describe it. Kind of fake, kind of manufactured... like LA people! Complete joke by the way! The bf and I went to the top of city hall and this was the first time I noticed how weirdly perfectly squared and flat LA is compared to SF or Berkeley. Sometimes it takes going really high to get to really understand a place more. Also, higher pictures make for great pictures! 

I had spring break last week and the first thing I literally did was eat in ktown and get aesthetically pleasing coffee from an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. There are a lot of pretty coffee places in SF, but Berkeley has none! I missed getting pretty coffees basically everywhere in LA. It's not a treasure hunt the way it feels like it is up north. Here's the snapchat filter of Grand Central Market in LA too if you've never been!

The bf had never been to The Last Bookstore before, so we decided to stop by since we were in the area! P.S. I saw on Instagram that Daniel Sharman (of Teen Wolf and The Originals) was at The Last Bookstore exactly one week after we visited and I was so mad! I love Daniel Sharman so much and miss him in The Originals as Kol sigh sigh sigh cry. 

Like I've said before, The Last Bookstore is perhaps the most cliche and hipster place to go to in LA, but if you're a booknerd, love education for education sake, or an English major, it's kind of a heaven. New books, used books, comic books, travel books, book vaults, book arches, etc. I love visiting The Last Bookstore because walking around helps to expose me to new books that had not been on my radar because I never have time to actually look up new book releases online. The Last Bookstore also makes me appreciate this place for what it is - a dedication and appreciation to books! Hopefully people actually come and buy books here and not just take pictures for Instagram. Super funny actually because some of the book structures even say "Do not use books as props." 

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