Sunday, February 28, 2016

To that Beach

What seems now like a lifetime ago, someone brought me to a beach to watch my very first sunset, and would continue to take me there whenever I was stressed or just because. Going to the beach always had an undercurrent of that someone else and his penchant for driving to the beach carried on to become mine, which is why I guess I have such a fixation on beaches now. I associate the beach with therapeutic and amazing change because looking back, my most intimate and really life-changing moments have taken place on a beach since that night, either alone or accompanied by someone else. I remember J driving me down PCH until 2am just to sit and talk at random beaches, making us grow closer as I grew further away from you. I also remember sitting down with A for our first reunion at the beach for a conversation that changed everything. And then J, J, and D, taking off our pants and laughing deliriously trying to catch fish. And that night T and I stopped at some random beach to talk until 4am - These small moments that made my summer the best time ever. No wonder I keep returning to the sea!

However, I do still remember sitting at the beach with my friends and talking about you. I also remember sitting at the beach alone and thinking about you. ... But now, I can sit at a beach and have no one else on my mind except myself, even though you introduced us.

Thank you, Beach.

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