Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Brandy Melville coat / / Fashion Q dress / / Jeffrey Campbell boots
Maliblue: Heading to Malibu after LA's 5 days of nonstop rain last week to celebrate the return of blue skies and not having the blues staying indoors anymore (get my title now?!)!

The weather has finally calmed down and is more beautiful than ever! Don't get me wrong - I like the smell of petrichor as much as any other basic SoCal resident, but I literally hate rain if I'm anywhere besides my bed watching a movie. Prolonged rain especially gives me the blues - restricting my dog and I indoors, ruining a freshly washed car, creating horrible drivers and traffic, destroying outdoor plans, wetting shoes, etc. But I guess the one good thing about rain is that when it finally stops and I can go out again, the air feels so uniquely crisp and cleansed.

Side note on my outfit by the way: I pretty much never wear pink, so this dress was an incredibly strange and difficult purchase for me. I don't own anything pink in my closet actually. Some things with pink accents or stripes maybe, but nothing completely pink. I hate pink on me (and honestly hate most pink shades in general says the girl with a pink accented blog... but for real; I do!), but I've been loving blush colors lately! I think it goes along with my new hair color well and it's also super on trend and gotta keep up with them trends, you know!

Today, I finally got to catch up with some old friends from my community college that I haven't seen since June! To celebrate the finally stable weather and refreshing air, we decided to head towards the water and eat at Malibu Farm. If you haven't been to Malibu Farm, it should be the at the top of your "Basic Places to Eat in LA List." That is, besides drinking green tea boba from Urth Caffe, which is already a pretty hard one to top (TBH, I hate Urth Caffe food, so Malibu Farm all the way!).

Heh, quality placement of my camera lens protector in my hand.

A scenic ocean view, fresh air, beautiful weather, delicious and "healthy" food, good company, $10 parking, and birds flying around and attacking our food - How does life get better than this? That LA life I tell you!

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