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How To: Are You Ready for Colored Hair?

No surprise here - grey hair was the biggest hair trend of 2015! No matter where you went and still go, you can't avoid it! Grey hair and ashy tones are here to stay and I love it! Also, please excuse the top of my hair a little. The roots look a little oily cause I didn't have my dry shampoo with me on this short trip (oh wells!).

I'm known by my friends and classmates as the girl with ever changing hair. I've done it all! Red hair, light ash brown, dark brown, ombres, purple, grey - you name it, I've probably done it. I dyed my hair grey back in late 2014 (dark grey to blue) right before the trend really boomed in 2015, but didn't really know how to maintain it because it was my first non-traditional color. Since then, I've done much more research on how to maintain colored hair because I love it too much to go back to being normal. Now, I can keep my colored hair for months actually, even hard to maintain colors like grey. Here are my tips if you want to enjoy your vibrant colored hair in a healthy condition and for longer:

1) Wash your hair as little as possible.
I'm listing this first because it is the most simple and efficient way to maintain colored hair longer - wild colors or natural colors. Yes, this sounds horrifying and disgusting to some people, but if you're someone who washes your hair often, you need to reconsider dying your hair if you cannot change your routine. Color fades much much quicker when you wash your hair and so, unless you have the money and time to get your hair retoned/recolored every 2 weeks, do not wash your hair (plus, it's actually better for your hair health when you wash it less!). Personally, I hate brassy tones in my hair. As soon as my hair starts to show some orange or yellow, I freak out and become unnecessarily and ridiculously self-conscious. The more you wash your hair, the more of that natural brassiness from bleach and your hair will show! 
Dry shampoo is your best friend! Find one that works for you. I've gone through probably 10 different ones and my favorite is a powder from blowpro, which I cannot link because it's been replaced with an aerosol one I have yet to try. When my hair was natural colors (i.e. browns and blondes) I would wash my hair about every 3 days and it wouldn't turn brassy until around the beginning of the third month. That means put your hair in a shower cap every time you shower until the third day - do not even wet your hair until that third day. When my hair is more wild colored (i.e. grey, purple, red, etc) such as now, I wash it every 5-7 days. Once again, your favorite dry shampoo and a hair brush will be your best friend! Colored hair takes maintenance and commitment if you want it to stay looking good and not like you haven't been to the salon is 2 months.

2) Use color safe and color protecting hair products.
My favorite line for shampoo and conditioner so far is Living Proof. You can find it in Target, Sephora, Ulta and online! I switch between the Restore line and the Perfect Hair Day line (because it always comes in samples and value kits from Sephora!). It washes away the least amount of color, keeps my hair soft and smells delicious! Additionally, as a sunscreen advocate, I must inform you that that UV rays can also damage your hair and hair color! I use this color protecting UV spray from Paul Mitchell. I have to admit, I forget to use it as time goes on, but in the beginning of my hair color, I make sure to use it each time I leave the house! Try to use it often because it doesn't weigh your hair down or make you feel like you have gunk in your hair (coming from someone who already feels like hairspray is heavy).

3) Use hair serums/oils.
I have thin hair that weighs down and can feel gunky easily, and so it's important for me to have hair serums/oils that really absorb into my hair and don't make me feel like I'm weighing my hair down more or making it more dirty. My favorites so far is one from Bumble and Bumble and one from BioSilk. When my hair gets to third day, it starts to get really dry at the ends, so hair oil is important if you don't want it to look so dry and frizzy at the ends. It also helps strengthen and improve hair! I put it in while my hair is damp after a shower, as well.

4) If you have a non-traditional hair color, use color depositing shampoos/conditioners.
I only use color depositing conditioner because I don't think both are necessary. I use it about once every 2 weeks (if I wash my hair every 2-3 days) or whenever my hair color just looks faded. My bf and I both use ones from Overtone. They come in various colors, so you can mix and dilute them as needed! They work brilliantly and really deposit color, so test it on a small hidden patch before you use it on your whole head. Grey is notorious for being the fastest color to fade, but my bf has had his grey hair stay true grey for about 2 months now because of Overtone. I wish I had Overtone when I first had my hair grey in 2014! It faded to khaki and made me give up on colored hair for awhile because of the maintenance. This conditioner was really a game changer for me concerning hair color because I only want colorful hair if I can maintain it looking good and this does just that.

5) Olaplex.
OLAPLEX. If you follow a lot of hair stylists and hair things in general on social media, etc, you know what Olaplex is. When it first hit the market over a year ago, hair stylists were going crazy! Now, you can buy and take Olaplex home, too! It's basically a hair strengthening and fixing system (look up online for specifics please!). I used to use Olaplex no3 once a week as a overnight mask (yes, I would sleep with it in my hair with a shower cap on), and my hair was in perfect condition. People were always so amazed when they touched my hair after I first dyed my purple because my hair was literally in pretty perfect condition still - I would constantly touch my own hair because I couldn't believe it either. When I got to Berkeley however, I wasn't able to keep up this routine and my hair suffered immensely. It became super dry and fizzy, especially at the ends. Olaplex is really a life saver. One of these bottles will last me about 4-5 uses.

6) Use heat as little as possible.
Common sense! Heat damages your hair more, so only use it when you really feel like you have to or want to. Fortunately, I like my hair naturally straight so this really is not a problem for me. But if you like to curl/straighten or blow dry your hair everyday, change your routine!

7) Get a trim every 3 months.
This is something you probably already hear often, but take it to heart and finally follow it (especially you, ladies!)! I am perhaps the only person I know who loves getting haircuts. I love to sit in that salon chair, have a complete stranger hold scissors to my hair, chop off all of the dead ends, and give my hair shape again! I'm honestly not being sarcastic either - I'm not sure why people have so much anxiety and fear getting their hair cut because it's something that I actually look forward to every 3 months. It's so refreshing and makes a world of a difference to how I feel and my hair health. With colored hair, cutting it regularly becomes more important because the longer you go without cutting your colored hair, the more dry and dead those ends become from what I've experienced. 

P.S. This has nothing to do with maintaining your hair color really, but a huge pet peeve of mine is when eyebrows don't watch your hair color, so I must include this: 

8) Make your eyebrows match your hair color! 
Do not be one of those people!!! Your hair and you yourself look so much better and more put together when your eyebrows match your hair! If the majority of your hair is a different color than your eyebrows, time to change up those products! I use Anastasia dripbrow pomade (I'm currently in ash brown) and then, I now use Heavy Rotation brow mascara (you can find this in Mitsuwa stores, makeup stores in Japan Town/ Little Tokyo, and almost any Asian makeup store for $12-15 if you have one near you) to tint my dark Asian eyebrows lighter. I find that this Japanese one, or Asian ones in general, are much more effective on dark Asian hair because our hair is just so damn dark. As I've colored my hair throughout the years, I've found that that limited selection of tinted brow mascaras offered at Sephora just barely cut it. I've used the Anastasia tinted brow gel before when I had medium/light brown hair and I needed to really clump product on and go over my brows like 10 times to get it to show. With this Heavy Rotation one, I only need one very light swipe.

Those are my seven (or eight? Hehe) simple tips for maintaining your colored hair vibrant and healthy! Enjoy your colored hair and remember to pamper it a bit so it doesn't look like hay! But even if it is hay, #yolo I guess?? Do whatever makes you feel the prettiest and happiest because hey, even if my hair was hay, I would keep dying it.

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