Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter Whites

Brandy Melville cardigan / / For Love and Lemons dress / / For Love and Lemons bralette / / Rebecca Minkoff purse / / Jeffrey Campbell boots / / Forever 21 socks

P.S. Please click on the pictures! The photo quality looks so much better when it's larger.

Hello dear readers after my semester long hiatus from blogging! 

Wow, feels weird, but good to be back. I actually started a bunch of blog posts on here, but never got around to finishing them because I was just so busy. Berkeley definitely hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, so I hope that explains the prolonged absence. I used like 10 large-sized tissue boxes this semester because I got sick 3 times and cried on a regular basis because it was so stressful. Quite embarrassing, but sadly, true. My poor roommate can back me up on this. However, have no fear! I am done with finals, finally back home in LA for the next month and plan on getting out as many blog posts as I can! Plus,  I'm excited to dress cute, again. I didn't even pack any clothes that normally I wear in Berkeley because I need a break from my fashion up there. I haven't felt much like myself in months because I've been too busy, lazy, or cold in Berkeley to wear anything besides a big sweater and leggings. 

This dress and bralette combo is my new favorite! It's a little scandalous because the dress is such a deep plunging V-neck, but I love it. I also love the shape (if you know me, you know I love big and shapeless dresses) and the 3D flowers that go all the way down to the sleeves. It's so feminine and dainty feeling. This cardigan however, was not part of my original outfit, I must admit. I thought it was going to be a cold day and A and I were planning to go ice skating at Third Street, so I wore a huge coat and scarf, but turned out it was like high 70's that day... I ended up borrowing a cardigan from A, but found this cardigan in Brandy Melville and couldn't resist! It's extremely soft and oversized a.k.a. the two traits that always suck me into buying things at Brandy!

I always get photographed in white so it looks like I own all white clothing, but I have color in my wardrobe, promise! Black and grey count as colors, right?? Totally colors in my mind. I rationalize my closet choices because of my hair. My hair changes all the time and clashes with too many different colors, so black, white, and grey are the safest routes to go.

Whenever A tells me to be candid, my face ends up being 1: confused; 2: ugly; 3: disgustingly happy; 4: clueless; 5: ridiculously awkward; or 6: obviously posed. I'm always super jealous of people who take "naturally" beautiful pictures because come on - that's the cool thing right now! I wish that I could be like the cool kids (*cue Cool Kids song*).

The ice skating rink at Third street was so small and busy that we just skipped. It was overwhelmingly full of preteens and teens that we really just gave up without giving it a second glance. Not too disappointed though because A and I still used this as a photo opportunity hehe. She says she looks too excited in the top picture, but I think she's so cute! We also went a little Christmas shopping... or she did at least. I made a bunch of returns instead, heh. I've been holiday shopping online because over the past month because it's so much more simple than going into the city myself. However, I haven't had the time to go and return things, so I had a huge accumulation of returns piled in my room and in my house in LA. Finally, thanks to winter vacation, I had a chance to get rid of it all!

If you live around the LA vicinity, Third Street is decked out for the holidays once again! Third street is so pretty and festive this time of year - it's my favorite. Not only are decorations always so cute, but performers, as well. There are even more performers around this time of year, including carolers! If you get bored one day, just sit here, people watch,  performance watch, have a Starbucks peppermint mocha, and enjoy.

Feels great to finally be home for the holidays and I hope you all are having fun returning home or finishing up finals, as well!

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  1. Cute photos honey!

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