Saturday, December 26, 2015

Candy Cane Memory Lane

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Happy Holidays!

I just celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday and hope you all had wonderful celebrations, or even just another wonderful day, with your loved ones. I can't believe it's over already now. It sounds so cliche and obvious, but time really does go by quicker every year and it makes me quite sad, yet simultaneously proud that we all have survived so much this year?? Anyone else ever feel the same?

Any who, to help me get more into the holiday spirit right before Christmas hit, my BF and I made a trip to a local candy cane lane (or they called it "candy light light," but same difference). I've never walked down a candy cane lane before, so this was so much fun and so exciting for me! I loved it all and thought it was so fascinating and magnificent, except that it was raining earlier that day and was really freezing cold (and by freezing cold, I mean for LA - around 40F). I'm so happy we went thought because if you know me, I'm always down for a pretty picture taking opportunity that comes along with a new adventure.

This tree that I have a million pictures of and with was hands down my favorite display of the night. It's literally just an ordinary tree wrapped in 10,000 lights (it was listed on the sign) - so simple, yet so brilliant. I guess the one thing I've learned to appreciate while away at school, is the simplicity of everyday joys at home. Really feels so good to be home again.

I love the feeling in the air around the holidays and I especially love it this year. I feel like I have so much to be happy about and for. Before, the relationships I was making and my future as a transfer student was so shaky. Which friendships would last the distance? Which friends will still care enough to reach out when we come back? Where am I going to end up in school? Etc etc and the one person who I thought would hold down the shaky foundation, ended up being just as unrecognizable and unpredictable as my future itself. So to finally end up in a place I consider pretty stable for a while and to see who has ended up sticking, who has randomly popped into my life, and who has wandered back into my life this year... it's all pretty amazing. But mostly, I'm amazed at myself. Sounds so conceited, but really now! Think about how much you've gone through this year... This personally was one of my hardest, years, if not, the hardest. I'm very proud at all that I've gone through and learned, because now I know so much more about myself than I thought I did. Also, I mean me ending up in Berkeley and acing my first semester is pretty amazing, too. I'm just really grateful for all that has happened.

Hehe!! This picture turned out so funny! I told my BF that I can make my eyes as big as this penguin and I think it's close. Twins!!

Also, so thankful for my handsome and sweet BF who randomly popped into my life this year. Err, who actually popped into my life in high school, but officially this year! Hehe. So glad about the choices that led us to each other.

Can I talk about how freaky this Santa Clause-shrine-decoration house is??

People always think this house is so cute and it's quite popular on this candy cane lane, but come on... am I the only one that thinks this is actually frightening? There's a giant santa shrine in the middle, santas on the floor guarding the house, santas in the tree tops, santas in the air...

Does anyone else feel it now?

On this freaky note, happy holidays!

Let's enjoy and make the best of the last days of the year and I wish for you all to be prosperous and most importantly, happy in this upcoming year.

Here are some more cute and random pictures now:

P.S. most picture credits to my wonderful BF! He's so talented. The pictures that look like they are taken on a phone are me LOL.

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