Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best New Makeup of 2015

If you ever see me walking around, you might remember me as the girl with the purple hair and red eyeliner. Even though I own tons of makeup (like way more than a single person ever needs), my makeup definitely changes way less than my hair.

As someone that loves to explore beauty products, I thought I should share with you all my favorite finds of the year! Not all of these products are new to the market, but they were new to me this year of 2015 and I think are worthwhile. I've separated this in five parts: face products, cheek products, eye products, lip products, and brushes.

Part 1: Face Products

Maybelline Instant Pink Transformer Baby Skin Primer (Asia Exclusive) / /  Laneige BB cushion / / Nars Creamy Concealer / / Marc Jacobs Re (Marc)able Full Cover Concealer
Laneige BB cushion in Medium
BB cushions was all the rage for 2015! I've been familiar with BB creams since I was 14, but it's always been the ones in the tube. I know that these cushion BB creams are nothing new in Asia, but I've always been hesitant to try these because it just seemed to be a waste. A sponge can't possibly hold as much product as a tube, yet it's even more expensive than my tube?? Nah, pass. But I got sucked into trying this one at Target when I saw a "Buy this and get a $5 Target gift card," so I caved! This product is about $35 without tax. It's such an amazing product. It looks extremely natural on the skin and leaves a real skin-like finish. Not too matte, but not shiny. 

Two downsides: 1) only comes in 4 shades! I'm in the shade medium right now (Mac NC 30), but back in January, I was in the shade light. Target has an amazing return policy, so try it and if it doesn't match, just go back and swap it! 2) It does run out quickly like I said. If you use it everyday, it might last you 1-2 months per a compact.

I also find that this sponge dabbing process is very effective for applying BB cream. It helps to create a very natural medium coverage look. Additionally, I find this process super soothing if that sounds strange. It's just so nice to dab dab dab your face in the morning so gently. Like little hits to wake you up (LOL)!

Maybelline Instant Pink Transformer Baby Skin Primer (Asia Exclusive)
Oh... I feel kind of like a jerk adding this product, but I use it everyday, so I had to. This is Maybelline's Instant Pink Transformer Baby Skin Primer. It's an Asia exclusive, but I found it on Amazon for about twice the actual price. My morning facial lotion doesn't include any PA, so I add this for PA protection and to perk up my dull and dry skin! It doesn't make your face look crazy or shimmery because trust, I hate shiny and shimmery faces as much as anyone else does; but for someone like me with such dry skin, this product adds the perfect healthy luminance to my skin! I didn't blend in the product all the way on the right most swatch so you can see all of the beauty in it before you fully blend it in.

Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard / / Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer in Young
These are my favorite concealer finds of the year! I use the Nars concealer daily for blemishes and spot treatment and I use the Marc Jacobs concealer for under my eyes. Both concealers are full coverage and can be used for any where on the face really. I just find that the Nars concealer settles more into the fine lines under my eyes and the Marc Jacobs does not. Although the Marc Jacobs is a cream, it blends so easily and looks hydrating! I personally like to use a lighter and more pink toned concealer for under my eyes, but I originally bought the Marc Jacobs for spot concealing on my face, but ended up liking it more under my eyes so now I just deal with this until I run out! I use another completely pink concealer under my eyes before this though, so it turns out fine. 

Part 2: Cheek Products

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush / / Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark / / Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love

I have so little cheek discoveries this year, sorry! When I first started getting into makeup, cheek products were my favorite so I have a ton of blushes and tend not to buy them anymore because of that initial obsession.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark is the perfect shade for my light contouring. I don't like to contour really. I only contour my nose daily, but I'll lightly shade my cheeks sometimes and that's it. This is a perfect shade for all of that because it's nothing too dark, brown, or orange. Also, blends really well and comes with a mirror if you need this on the go.

As someone with dry skin, I've tried my hand at liquid and cream blushes. However, due to the ease of powder products, I haven't tried too many cream blushes as of late. Every year around the holidays, Tarte releases a new mini cheek stain and powder blush duo that I always buy and love, so I thought, "Why not just buy a full size?" So I did! Unlike other cream blushes, I find these really easy and quick to apply because they deposit such light color. This makes it easy to apply and build up. Even with a very sheer layer, you will be able to tell you have blush on. It's very natural looking, as if you really are blushing from within because of how sheer and dewy it sits on the skin.

Part 3: Eye Products

Lime Crime Venus Palette / / Shiseido Majolica Majorica Lash Expander Mascara / / Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara / / Mac Soba Eyeshadow / / Marc Jacobs No 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette in The Lover / / Etude House Play 101 Pencil / / Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in The Nude / / Clio Gelpresso Gel Liner

I love eyeshadow! I've never worn eyeshadow daily until the past year maybe. I've had so much much experimenting with my eyeshadows this year and as with the trend, I love pinks, marsalas, and taupes! Lime Crime's Venus was perhaps my most used eyeshadow palette this year. I used the lighter and more pinky shades for the summer and now I use the darker and burgundy shades for the winter. 

I used the Marc Jacobs palette a lot more in the summer because it's all light and shimmery shades to create many different and very dimensional pink eye looks! Mac's single eyeshadow in Soba looks like a nothing shade, but it's really pretty on. It's great for a quick one eyeshadow look or a blending color.

I'm cheating by adding my Majolica Majorica and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascaras, but they are my holy grail combination. I only use Japanese fiber mascaras for lengthening because my Asian lashes just need the help. Majolica Majorica is the most extreme lengthening one that works on me, so far. Then, I add Better Than Sex on top for volume because Majolica Majorica doesn't give any volume at all. It's also not the blackest, so if you like dramatic lashes, you will for sure need to add something on top! This is year two of me using both mascaras, but they just look so good together! They're not new, but must be mentioned.

Clio Gelpresso Gel Liner in Bloody Angel / / Clio Gelpresso Gel Liner in Bloody Devil / / Etude House Play 101 Pencil in 42 / / Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in The Nude
Clio Gelpresso eyeliners are a new holy grail eyeliner that I've discovered in 2015. I own a few, but these are my favorite shades. I use Bloody Devil much more obviously as liner, but I still think Bloody Angel is beautiful and so unique. If I do wear it, I actually smudge it on my upper lid quickly as an eyeshadow! But make sure you really do blend it out quickly because it sets fast and once it sets, it won't move unless you add makeup remover.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil is another amazing pencil product I discovered while in Taiwan last winter actually. I went to the store and they had an entire display with all like 100 liners out and I bought a few there, but lost them somehow. Such a shame because it's difficult to find swatches of these online and Amazon doesn't help at all, but these pencils really are worth a try! They apply smoothly and blend out seamlessly. They don't dry quickly, so they're easy to use even for beginners. The only downside is that they don't really last for more than six hours. By the sixth hour, I notice they start to fade if I wear it on my eyes as eyeshadow. I still think these are worth a try though because they come in so many different colors and finishes, making it so versatile! There are videos on Youtube that teach you how to do your entire face of makeup using only these pencils. It's fascinating. I've used one as a on the go spot concealer and it worked fine! I have more coming in the mail as we speak - try it out! Also, it's super cheap on Amazon.

Part 4: Lip Products

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II / / Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow / /  Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked / / Lime Crime Velvetine in Riot / / Lime Crime Velvetine in Bleached / / Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation in Undressed / / Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Nothin' But Nude
As you can see, liquid lipsticks was my thing this year. In the beginning of the year, I was obsessed with Lime Crime's Velvetines because they were the first matte liquid lipsticks I knew of, plus remember the cashmere craze?! These three however, were my most used Lime Crime Velvetines, especially bleached during the summer! Kat Von D liquid lipsticks however, are my favorite liquid to matte lip formulation so far. Bow N Arrow is my favorite light brown shade to go along with the brown lip trend this year. I just got Lolita II, however I'm adding it in here because I've been wearing it tons and love to add Lime Crime's bleached in the center. It's not a "terra cotta nude" the way Sephora advertises it, but it's surely terra cotta! It's a pretty winter shade I think. Nothing too crazy, but really pretty.

Incase you haven't noticed, I love me a good matte lip. Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation is such a beautiful and smooth matte lipstick. This line is dedicated to all nudes. Best thing about that? It comes in a nude shade I'm sure will cater to every skin tone. I've never been much of a nude lip wearer, but this turned me over.

Lastly, Sephora Gel Lip Liner is something I randomly bought online one day to reach the $25 limit to get one of those holiday bags filled with samples and surprisingly, loved it. This just released when I ordered it, so there were no review, but I needed a lip liner and thought, "Why not? It's cheap." Now, I want more! The formulation is super smooth and doesn't settle into any fine lines (says a girl with a very line-y lip. I actually wear this as a lipstick all the time now because it's such a pretty mid-tone nude pinky-brown shade.

Part 5: Brushes 

Sigma E25 / / Mac 217

Errrrr. I guess I mean singular brush. The only stand out brush I bought this year is the Mac 217 and Sigma E25. I actually bought the Mac brush first, but once I realized that I love this brush so much and needed more, I bought the Sigma brush as a cheaper alternative. Although, I still like the Mac one more, it does cost almost twice as much as Sigma. I posted pictures below to show the differences. Please disregard the coloration on my brushes right now. I'm going to wash my brushes right after this post!

I think the Mac's barrow is just slightly thicker and not as narrow or skinny as the Sigma one. Moreover, the Mac brush frays out a little more and doesn't feel as dense as the Sigma.

Finally!! That's it! Hope you enjoyed learning about my best makeup discoveries of this year. Please comment below if you have anything you think I should have tried this year. I know Colourpop cosmetics exploded this year, but I'm a little overwhelmed by all of its products to actually buy anything yet. Let me know what were the best products you found this year!

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