Friday, August 28, 2015

Hawaii: Part 2

For Love and Lemons dress / / Free People bralette / / Madewell sandals
The return of my jumping pictures begin! I thought standing on the ground was getting boring again.

Part 2 finally! Sorry this has taken so long to continue, but when I got back from Hawaii, I only had a week left to finish hanging out with people and to finish packing, so for me to carefully chose, edit and actually write this final half of my post has been seriously delayed. But now that I'm all settled in, here I am!

When we landed in Hawaii, one of the first things my mom mentioned to me was that she wanted to visit Pearl Harbor. My mom is not a huge history fan as far as I know and neither am I, but #yolo. I was on vacation with all the time in the world, so I just let my mom have her strange ways. There's a whole museum and tons of tours around the harbor and ships, but it was quite expensive for a museum ($90 per an adult!). My mom and I ended up walking around Arizona Memorial and some of the small and free museums they have there because we don't love history enough to pay $180 for us both.

By the way, if you're planning to visit, dress smartly and lightly! Most of the exhibits and museums do not have air conditioning, so it's very stuffy. If you visit during a hot and humid time like I did, it's amplified in the exhibits, so prepare yourselves. The bus ride from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor took us an hour. Worth it this once? Yes. Would I do it again? No.

On my last full day in Hawaii, I did the necessary tourist attraction: to attend a luau. Now, I was imagining something like Lilo and Stitch where Nani walks around in a coconut bra and grass skirt, serving me drinks while I watch handsome hunks like David play with sticks of fire, which is exactly what I got. Thank you Disney for accurate depictions! The beach that this luau is located on is a super pretty and calm private beach called Ewa. I chose this luau specifically for this reason, also because it's further away from the city and I needed to get out and see something new.

Casually matching with my future boyfriends #justgirlythings

Extremely unartistic and ugly picture of my coffee and my mother in the background, but this coffee shop was my favorite that I found nearby. It seems to be always busy beyond belief and hoping to find seating here anytime before 3pm is almost an impossible feat, but despite all of this, it is well worth it. Also, the food here comes in huge portions and is quite cheap considering the quantity and quality you get.

On the topic of food, here are more pictures of food I enjoyed:

Now, here's another very random picture, but notice how my hair started off purple when I got here and how I left Hawaii with my hair completely blonde. HAHA. Oh, salt water. But with that aside, I loved my time in Hawaii. I missed it as soon as I left and hope to come back again soon (my dream vacation is to stay at the Grand Wailea in Maui because I see it in so many movies! Plus, it's the prettiest island people say, however it's $500 a night at this hotel. Ekk!)! 

My summer has been officially over since last Friday now. I am all moved into school and adjusting to life here at Cal. Although I miss Hawaii and my summer, being at school feels like a unreal dream, too. Notice how I say dream and not vacation by the way - I already have 100 pages of reading due by the weekend, but I'm just really too happy and thankful to be here to complain.

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  1. Looks so pretty, hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Agnes x