Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Heavenly Couture romper / / For Love and Lemons bra / / Hollister flannel / / Madewell sandals (old)

Pieriodically, I go to Pacific Park at the end of the Santa Monica Pier like a tourist because only a true tourist would pay for these lame rides. Get my title now?

I go to the Santa Monica Pier all the time to walk around and relax (I even used to skip class and bussed it to the pier instead to chill), but I haven't been on a ride there in two years now. How crazy, right? I forgot what the rides even felt like, so I thought about it one day and said to myself, "Ay, #yoloadventure to the pier to pay $30 to ride like 7 super old school rides all day!" So expensive for such lame rides, but whatever I did it just this one time. I actually bought a Groupon for an all day pass for here back in October for only $10! But I missed out and never got a chance to actually go and use it, but watch out on Groupon if you're interested for that!

 That selfie shadow though ~
I'm honestly really shocked at how happy the pier still makes me, but then I'm not at the same time because honestly there's always so much happening around here. This pier is iconic and remains constantly crowded for a reason. With so many tourists and attractions, entertainment and such are just always changing around here. Plus, tourists are the funniest part because you see how people from all over the world react to SaMo's very unique culture and my favorite part, you watch people pose for pictures. I'm not sure if you like to people watch, but I love people watching here because tourists are just so funny. Especially the super Asian tourists holding their selfie sticks and posing for pictures! I love it!

Hehehe at the wind, but I think it adds life to the pictures!

This is my favorite picture of A. I kept screaming at her, "Look candid!" because "candid" pictures are the cool thing to do now, right? But when two awkward picture posers scream "Candid!" at each other, it obviously never works out, but it did for this one split second and I think I got what I consider a pretty "natural" picture from it.

As my summer break reaches it's last 3 weeks, I am both happy and sad to be leaving so soon. I'm heading to Hawaii for a week in exactly one week right now, so I really only have the remainder of this week and one more week when I get back to finish hanging out with friends and getting ready to move because I haven't bought or packed anything yet. So far, this summer has been piercingly enjoyable, busy and educational for myself and I am both sad and excited to have finally reach this point.

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