Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hair is hay, but hay is okay.

HAHAHA! I'm kidding; my hair is not actually hay. It's still in pretty good condition to be honest because I use Olaplex and lots of hair oils. Also, I hadn't colored my hair in like half a year before this, so like half of my head was virgin hair still before lightning my hair to get to this color. However, because everyone thinks that because I dye my hair so much, they think it's hay automatically, so I just go along with it! But even if it was hay, #yolo!

I missed having crazy colored hair so much! The last time I had colored hair, it was back at the end of September/October and I loved it so much. If you don't remember it, it was this blog post here. That color faded so quickly though in like two weeks and so I went back to just normal hair color ever since. Finally after months and months, I was ready to go wild again! I think I went more wild this time than I did last time with this super bright (for me) purple! Someone commented yesterday that they liked it cause it's a "subtle purple," but I still think it's quite ostentatious. Also, it could be that I'm still adjusting to seeing myself with such dark hair again cause I've been highlighted to a light brown for awhile now. But nevertheless, I love it! I feel like one of the cool Instagram people that I follow with cool hair. 

I've waited a while to dye my hair something crazy again and it was definitely worth it! I don't know what I was doing in the past like 9 months with uncolored hair. Actually, I have no idea what I was doing with my life until like April lol. Hair really does help yourself feel more like you again if you haven't done it or felt like yourself in awhile. Makes you feel put together again; you know, the way one's life should be put together HAHA.

By the way, these pictures are taken only from my back because I got my nose cauterized again on Tuesday and so, my nose is very burned and ugly. It was my second time going back in a week because it was still bleeding even after the first treatment. When one gets the procedure, one's nose normally isn't supposed to be THAT burned and ugly, but my doctor did it for a long time on my stubborn nose and it was so painful that I kept moving. I also fainted cause it was so painful! So, I've officially fainted at every doctor's office I have now... so embarrassing and annoying. But, if you get a lot of nose bleeds, I recommend 100% to get your nose cauterized. Any who, to end this side rant, this is why I don't have pictures taken from my front right now!

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