Monday, July 6, 2015

Breaking Free

Happy fourth my fellow American friends and what the heck, to my non-American friends, as well! Incase you're not American or unaware, the fourth of July is our Independence Day! We have tons of celebrations all around LA and even more around the country on this wonderful day full of happiness, pride, community and freedom!

Strangely, I usually do not celebrate the fourth because you can always bet that there will be horrible traffic anywhere you go and that these gatherings are way to crowded for comfort. However, this year, I thought, "Why not?!" and decided to finally go out on the fourth for the first time since a child. So, my parents and I ventured into Grand Park in downtown LA (I know I was just there a few days ago) for the Grand Park Annual Block Party.

This is perhaps the best thing about living in LA: MANY MANY MANY free opportunities and experiences! This block party took up like all four blocks of Grand Park, so although there were lots of people, it was super roomy and did not feel claustrophobic at all. When I think about it, I don't think a single person touched or bumped into me, which is the biggest score for me! Don't you hate it when you have to force your way through people?! Also, my parents were a little worried about the security because of the area, but there were tons of security and by tons, I literally mean tons, like a security officer every 20 feet. On top of that, there were only a few entrances into the park and when you enter, you had to go through a bag search and a pat down. I really commend the park for doing such a good job on keeping the celebration fun and safe for us all!

The park offered a variety of entertainment throughout. There was a jump rope show, lots of djs and bands, a poetry slam thing, painting, etc! But although the park during the day was great at keeping us busy, the firework show was just not good. Considering that this is the heart of LA, I was expecting much more than the 10 minute below par firework show displayed. But hey, it was free and the events before the show were fun! Many events around us only offer fireworks and not all of this cool entertainment beforehand, so I cannot complain too much, but only hope that it gets better in the future to compete with the other firework shows around us.

So, I've never been someone to record fireworks or to take pictures of fireworks because I find it extremely pointless watching fireworks through my phone screen. It takes away all of the beauty, seriously. So, when I took these pictures here, I would hold up my camera for a super quick second and then put it back down so I could watch... I hope that explains to you why these pictures are so off center, blurry or out of focus HAHA. I got bad pictures, but hey, I had an awesome view of the fireworks and the memories of the show are what matter to me the most!

I'm happy that I celebrated this day with my parents because they hadn't gone out for the Fourth of July in many years, as well. They were extremely fascinated with how much the area had changed since they had last been like 15 years ago (lol). You know you're getting old when one of the most satisfying things to hear from your parents is that they appreciate you for planning the day out and for showing them around places that they enjoy. Why haven't I been going out with my parents every year though?! They're such fobs and they love it! To be honest, I have no idea what I did last Fourth of July... I probably just stayed at home, but it's crazy how this time last year already feels like a different life-time ago.

Just like how America broke free from the British, as my summer reaches the halfway point, I am so happy to say that I am at a point where I feel like I am really breaking free of my past and embracing what the present and the future hold for me. That initial numbness that I've been feeling after the breakup is definitely starting to wear away to a point where I enjoy the company I am with again. I've been tired as hell lately because I go out almost everyday, but I'm not at the point where I hate myself for not resting and so, I do not plan on slowing down one bit.

Happy birthday America! May all we feel blessed throughout the entire year for having all that we have and may we continue to overcome obstacles that seem impossible.

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