Thursday, July 2, 2015


DTLA is somewhere that I have just started to familiarize myself with well recently. As a native Angeleno or not, I'm pretty sure downtown LA is one of the furthest places on your "Places to Visit List" for many many reasons whether it be traffic, parking, safety or the plethora of homeless people; whatever the reason is, it is most likely a place that you do not visit on your free will or for fun, besides Little Tokyo that is.

I started to adventure around downtown LA starting like two months ago while going on one of my #yoloadventures with a friend and ever since then, I've grown a whole new appreciation and love for it! Part of this DTLA day was actually a romantic date I had planned back in October, but now all of these plans are becoming platonic friendship dates instead HAHA.

Anyways, movies always make downtown look super pretty and cultured and when you get over it's infamous reputation and give it a chance, it is! Plus, Grand Park is literally the best park in LA to lay down and chill in because it has perfect scenery, it's new, it's clean and it's surprisingly quiet and empty. Just don't go to the fountain at the very top because it's just slightly louder there from the kids who are playing in it, however, that part and the level above it are the best parts of the park to chill in because it has the best scenery for being at the top.

Tourist tip: Enter City Hall and ask to go to the observation deck at the top floor. You have to go through a simple security check at the bottom, show your I.D., and then go through three different elevators to get to the top. Sounds difficult, but it's super simple and totally worth it and the best part: it's free! The top gives killer views of all of LA, so it's a great picture taking place! But I must say as a native Angeleno, I never even knew that the top of LA looked like this because honestly from the top, it looks like a different country almost, like it reminded me of Vietnam at certain parts and my Singaporean friend said that at certain parts, the view reminded him of Singapore. At the top, there are maps at each side of the building that labels what you are looking at, and it's super funny because it labels things that you never even knew existed like a "California State Park," which was just a big brown patch of dirt (LOL). It's just super interesting to see, so go!

Hipster/ nerd heaven: The Last Bookstore! By hipster heaven, I mean, whether you actually love books or not, most people have visited The Last Bookstore for the pictures, but in all honesty, I feel like pictures make this place look way cooler than it actually is. To me, it's just another bookstore, but with cool displays.

I also have a funny story! My friends and I were sitting on a couch and a guy on the couch next to us started talking to us and asked if we were from the area. Out of the two friends I went with, I was the only local and the guy said "I knew you were from here because your two friends are actually reading and you're just on your phone like a true local." HAHAHAHA. This was the funniest thing to me ever because I'm an English major! I do love to read, but I read so much on a daily basis that sometimes I need my social media time! The one time I'm not attached to a book and I get caught LOL.

My friends and I actually had a lot more planned for this day, but some unexpected things came up and our plans were cut short, however, we did get a chance to visit Grand Central Market!

Grand Central Market is a good enough sized shaded outdoor food court. Very third world country-like and also, very cheap! Well, most things at least. The incredibly hyped up Eggslut restaurant is quite expensive for what it is and also, some random dishes throughout the place, but overall, not bad unlike the Grove's Farmer's Market.

Let the DTLA adventure continue! Till next time!

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