Saturday, June 27, 2015

Phantom of the Opera

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A musical a year makes for a very expensive tradition and addiction, but every musical makes it so justifiable.

For my birthday this year (yes, another birthday present to myself haha), I watched Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre! I've anxiously been waiting for this musical to come to LA since like last March, which is actually super ironic and weird for me because I watched the movie a few years ago and remembered that I didn't like it much, but heard the musical was amazing so I thought, "why not?!" I have friends who have watched Phantom who have said it's their all time favorite musical and that they've watched it like four times, but I had absolutely no expectation that I would love it that much because of my experience with the movie. However, I loved it! I mean, it's not a musical that you can sing along to in the car cause it's opera, but the songs are still stuck in my head and I pretend that I can sing it when in reality, I'm just screaming.

This was my second time at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and it really is once of the prettiest larger and well known theaters. However, look at the initial stage set up for Phantom! So ugly! I always take a picture of the stage before the musical begins and Instagram it or something, but this one was so ugly it was not Instagram worthy! But, surprisingly, the stage production of this musical is awesome and super complex as the play played out. I was very impressed throughout the musical, like whoever created the design for the scenes and stage set up and all, major props!

Oh! Also, Chris Mann from The Voice played Phantom!!! He was phenomenal! I only know his name from the media, but never actually looked up  his music or anything, so after hearing him last night, I'm a huge fan now. He was a brilliant phantom! I kept leaning over to my friend throughout the musical to tell her how obsessed I was with his voice. He's also very handsome hehe.

Did I also mention that this was my first time dressing up in like over a year? Man, I miss getting pretty. 

I went as far as I could on the fancy scale appropriate enough for a musical! All of my makeup centered around my lipstick because I'm not usually a crazy lip color person, so this dark red was extremely bold and crazy for me and I surprisingly loved it! The color is wicked by Lime Crime and it's perfect. Buy it now! This picture also has no filter by the way and look how awesome my skin looks, huh!? It's my new BB cream by Laneige. Also, props to good car lighting!

I had tons of fun on this girl's night out and it was much needed time with the arts. I love musicals so much and cannot wait for my next one, again! I'm planning to see If/ Then with Indina Menzel (and just for Indina Menzel mainly hehe) or Mamma Mia next, so let's see!

P.S. Look at the lady on the right's pose! I couldn't stop laughing because the poor boy next to her had no idea what to do. Boy, do I love LA!

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