Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nap (in a) Valley

Forever 21 cardigan / / Cotton On t-shirt / / American Apparel skirt / / Sam Edelman boots / / Target scarf
Welcome to Napa Valley! Through my blog, at least, if you've never been, but rest assured, you're not missing much. I've been here for two days already and pretty much all I can say I've done so far is nap in a valley. Get my title now? Nap valley hehe (I think I'm witty, okay?!)!

I'm not old enough to drink yet, so there's really nothing here for me. Not much scenery, not many shops or entertainment... just nada. It's quite empty everywhere I've been to so far, including downtown, which is super weird for me, or anyone from a big city I suppose. I can't drink, but I can say that the food here is amazing! Cheap/bad restaurants like don't exist here or something. The restaurants are all a little on the pricier side, but serve incredibly brilliant and unique food! From what I've dined at, I recommend visiting the Culinary Institute or Bui Bistro. Also, a side note: the downtown here is seriously small, like 5 blocks maybe, small, but the architecture is very European looking and adorable!

If you're looking for a relaxing, but pricier and more luxurious get away, Napa Valley is your go-to! If you're old enough to drink, even better! Personally, I'm not getting the full experience here, but I'm still enjoying the solitude, fresh air, cooler weather and delicious food this secluded city has to offer. I'm not doing much, but am enjoying that nothingness immensely as I am trying to relax as much as I can before I leave to move up north in the summer time.

By the way, look at how amazing the sky looked like today!

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