Saturday, May 16, 2015


Berkeley varsity (from Bear Basics) / / American Apparel skirt / / Target tights / / Jeffrey Campbell boots / / Custom-made scarf

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream!"

...And boy, has it been! I've been in norcal for 4 days now and I do feel like I am in a total dream. I've been escaping reality for too long over the past 2 weeks being away from LA. Life feels like a never-ending vacation/dream, and although it's been good (extremely good), I am ready to go back to reality and eat home-cooked food, again, and play with my dogs! I guess that means I have to go back to homework and work, too, but if it means seeing my dogs again, then I guess it's all worth it.

Can I say that distance helps with heartbreak so much? I mean, at first it was hard, but when I got back to LA last week, it was harder. In LA, I feel super paradoxical looking, yet avoiding everywhere I go, but up here, I feel completely free. I'm too far to be distracted looking around, plus I don't know anyone here that triggers those sad feelings. In LA, the most random things set me off all the time, but up here, it's definitely lessened. Since I have submitted my SIR to Berkeley and accepted that I am moving here, I've surprisingly really been enjoying my time and look forward to continuing to explore this city in the next two years! To be honest, I can't wait until I'm an expert at public transportation mainly, if that's sad! I'm super jealous of how people are so knowledgable about it, because I don't know anything! I guess a new and positive perspective really does make a world of a difference...

Today, my parents and I took a ferry out of Napa for a while to walk around San Francisco and Berkeley, once again. The ferry ride is an hour long, but we missed being surrounded by people instead of acres of grape valleys (heh), so we didn't mind. I still don't love the weather here and the air is too crisp and clean, but I'm definitely adapting now and I don't have a single problem with that. 

My time here was very needed and I'm proud to say that I am actually looking forward to merrily returning to reality.

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