Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello, my wonderful readers!

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I have no excuse except that I started school and got a job. I have very little time to go out and do things now or I find that I just don't have the energy for it, so life is super uneventful. Although uneventful, life is not one bit boring. I've been feeling quite moody lately, but I'm making an effort to rediscover myself, again. So, if you know me, what better way is there to rediscover myself than to adventure around! Here are some things I've done lately:

The Third Street Promenade has, is and will always be my favorite shopping center. It has all of my essential stores: Brandy Melville, TJ Maxx, American Apparel, Free People and anything else I could ever want! Plus, I get sunshine, free entertainment, fresh air and the beach. What other shopping center could ever compare? I took this picture just a few days ago because I just felt so freaking happy! Santa Monica has been my second home for almost two years and with me just waiting to transfer now, I wanted to capture the pure happiness Santa Monica has perpetually provided for me for the past two years.

Plus, apparently Wednesday mornings/afternoons they have a farmers market?! Super nice!

I finally bought myself a Clarisonic! After much mental debate, I took the splurge! About $170 with tax, but I already see an improvement in my skin and it hasn't even been a week. I'm not making this up either to justify the purchase; my skin is actually much better! It's smoother and old acne spots are fading quickly. I was going to get my favorite color turquoise one, but this one was the same price and came with an extra brush, which saves me $30, so I bought the pink!

Since I've started working, I haven't been out to eat much surprisingly. I mean, I eat in the restaurant I work at, but that's it. I've actually lost weight since working because I eat less and run around more! This makes up for the two months I was bed ridden back in the winter, heh.

When my co-worker and I finally had a day off in forever, we decided to go get kbbq in Korea town! It was actually an eating competition because he didn't believe I could eat a lot... I won, obviously. I treated him for dessert to Honeymee in Ktown too, afterwards. If you love yogurt and honey, come try! I thought this place was super overrated until I came and now I'm addicted.

If you've a Southern Californian living in or near the San Fernando Valley, make an effort to come to Reseda Point. It's quite a big thing for valley people, but with good reason. It's a scenic overlook over the whole valley and a lot of LA. As I've said before, take time to appreciate nature. It puts you in your place in the world and makes you realize just how small and insignificant you are.


Is it me, or does anyone else ever question when did food trucks become such a big deal? I mean, I love food trucks. Give me my beignet and sushi burrito truck everyday! But, when did their connotation transform from something as nasty and unsanitary to something super popular and cool? Also, they're so expensive. My sushi burrito is $11 and my bacon and steak mac and cheese was $11. Worth it, but still hurts my wallet's heart.

You can view this as super lucky or as a curse, but every Friday, a street near me has two blocks lined with food trucks, which is pretty epic to me because I can get my food truck fix every week regularly instead of guessing or hunting them down the way others do.

Any who, hope you enjoyed this quick and random update! I'm on spring break the week after this, so hopefully I'll have more random pictures and events to share with you all!

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