Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getty-ing Back

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Today is the official start of my spring break (prepare yourselves for lots of pictures by the way)!

It feels like I just started school, yet at the same time I feel like I've been in school for forever. My coworker Y and I decided that on our second Wednesday off and for my official first day of spring break, we should visit the Getty Center in LA. There are two Getty Museums to the shock of many and this is the one up in the hills next to the 405. I hadn't been here in like 11 years, so it was all new for me, plus I found a new museum buddy in Y, which if you're a museum person, you know how hard one is to find. 

Y and I just sat on a bench in this garden for like an hour. I'm sure we spent more time sitting outside than inside at the actual exhibits. I mean, look at how colorful and detailed this garden is! It's brilliant beyond words! Imagine how expensive maintaining this is too?! Look! It's flawless.


Plus, if you didn't know, the Getty Center is located right next to the 405 freeway in the hills kind of near the Brentwood area, so it overlooks the traffic-infested 405 plus most of LA, including the beaches. Not too bad of a view! Also, it's super fun to get up here because you actually take a tram from the parking lot to get to the museum in the hills, so it's super fun and makes you feel like you're in Disneyland (I'm so lame, I know). 

Here is the best picture I could take of the amazing 405, decorated with an awesome view of the cactus garden to make it more amazing (note my sarcasm... I drove the 405 everyday before and can't stand it now)!

After spending a few hours at the Getty, Y and I headed down to the pier to walk around for a little. After seeing the view of good 'ole SaMo from the Getty, we felt super compelled to see the ocean. This sounded like such a refreshing decision, but it was the worst decision ever! It was the windiest day ever in LA so our hair flew everywhere, became super ugly and we had to fight against the wind to walk in the direction we wanted to!

Some people were even in the waters, which was crazy to me because it was so freakin cold and windy like why would people do this to themselves. It was so pretty to see how wild the waves were, but I wasn't crazy enough to go in. Although it was the worst decision to come here on the windiest day in LA, I'm so happy we did because I haven't been to the pier or been so close to the ocean in a long time. I think I need a beach trip by myself soon! I used to come to the pier and the beach like every other day last year.

I'm so happy to be getty-ing back to my older and more adventurous roots! I've been feeling more like myself lately than I have in a long time and it feels good to be back.

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