Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spring Back

Urban Outfitters top / / Free People Bralette / / Brandy Melville skirt / / Urban Outfitters Headband

I'm soooo over winter! I'm over the cloudy days and nightfall at 5pm. I'm over bipolar weather and sporadic episodes of rain and super wind. I'm over having to wait for a table inside of restaurants because it's too cold to sit outside. I'm over not having enough warm jackets to wear in the cold because I live in LA. I'm over covering my cute outfits in layers of jackets and scarves. I'm over not being able to order iced drinks and frappuccinos without the barista looking at you like you're a little crazy. I'm over the winter blues and I'm ready to spring back into the spring! Bring back the frolicking fun in shorts with a strawberry smoothie in hand and get me on a beach already!

But, since spring is still a little ways away (sigh), let's spring back to a family vacation I took last spring to Santa Barbara, instead. My parents and I try to get away every spring, usually right before crazy midterms studying begins, which can be a little nerve-racking, but always very appreciated. I miss the warmth and excitement of spring, last spring especially. But, with such a free school schedule this semester, I'm already ready for the many new adventures and memories this spring will provide me! 

...Except, I could use a little more time getting bikini body ready, heh.

P.S. Excuse my dad's finger in the last photo. The photo didn't look as nice when it was cropped out. LOL. 

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