Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moments in the Woods

So, I previously wrote a post labeled "Halfway Through the Woods," but I decided to delete it because my opinions on it has changed. If you know me, you know I love musicals! I'll probably go broke in the future from watching them because I want to watch them all!!! I apologize in advance future spouse and pets for using money this way! When I came back from my Asian vacation, I finally got an opportunity to watch "Into The Woods" in theaters! I did watch the original version with Bernadette Peters online, so I was familiar with the story and music. The movie was okay to me, but music was fan-freakin-tastic! Such a talented musical cast!

But, onto the main idea of my post... In my life, I feel like I have experienced many dark times from bullying, backstabbing from my closest "friends" and all the way to bulimia. I am no stranger to the bewitching woods. The woods are lonely, dark, unchartered, scary and bring out the worse in us. It's easy to have moments of pure terror and feel pure desperateness in the woods and for the past few months, I have been trapped in the woods of my mind, trying to find a way out of this labyrinth I have created for myself. It's been easy to feel like I am nothing and easy to feel like giving up with all that is happening around me, but  like the musical movie "Into The Woods" says, "You can't live in the woods." I've realized that these dark moments in the woods are simply that: moments. They cannot last forever. These small and transitory moments of darkness are not me and they do not define me. Like the movie says, "Just a trick of the woods" to make you believe something that is not you.

I choose what defines me and I choose how to live my life. "It's time to leave the woods."

However, life is a cycle. I know that eventually I will return to the woods and that these bad memories will also return to haunt me again, but where there is darkness, there is always light. You must experience the dark to appreciate the light. So, cyber shout out to the new backstabbing group of "friends" this time, thank you! Thank you for showing me everything that I strive not to be and for teaching me the characteristics I know now to avoid in future friends. Thank you for being so horrible to me, because without your actions, I would have never left you to find truer and better friends to surround myself with. Thank you, for helping me to see that my life is, in fact, on the right moral and everything else track, because compared to your evil behaviors and below average intelligence, I'm an angel and a very smart one, too! My life is made of volumes, so thank you, for being just a short chapter. Now, onto bigger and better things!

My book of life is to be continued... (:

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