Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

So, for this vacation, my family and I also stopped by Taiwan! We spent about a week there and took a tour that basically took us around the entire perimeter of the country... it was very tiring.

Although the bus rides were brutal on my butt and my soul, some of the sights were definitely worth it. Not all... just some! I basically spent the entire week in Taiwan on a bus, so I was not very happy. -.- If I ever go back, now that I've seen all of the nature and barren land Taiwan has to offer, I want to just stay put and explore the city.

One of the towns with the best views was Kaosiung! Actually, it was like the only town in the entire tour besides Taipei that actually had stuff to do. The rest of the places we stopped at were in the middle of no where. This was actually a somewhere! We stopped by these awesome pagodas, where one pagoda opening is the mouth of a dragon and the other is the mouth of a tiger. Our tour guide said to enter through the mouth of the dragon and to exit through the tiger because entering through the tiger means you were eaten by a tiger which is a bad animal. I'm not sure if I explained it well or if it makes sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me! A dragon is more mythical and good, so entering through a dragon's mouth is good! HAHAH. You get it, right?!

Look! It's a lion turtle, like from Avatar the legend of Korra!!! Maybe it's a dragon turtle... for my sake, it's a lion turtle. (: Heheh!

I had to include this super artistic photo of my ice cream because it looks super artistic. LOL. I'm so sad. Such a good picture though, right?! Also, this ice cream was so yummy! It was a texture and flavor of ice cream that was so perfect, I wanted to die in it. It was like a sherbet, but better! Horray for street food!

I'm not 100% sure what this was, but doesn't it look so cute and pretty? Each step is dated and I believe you are supposed to find your birthdate step and it has a fortune on it or something... Not 100% sure! I could totally be making this up.

You could buy these mini lantern things from the temple across the street I believe and then write your wish on it. So cute and romantic, huh!? Like from a movie!

This picture above is pretty much how I remember my entire trip. Peaceful, lots of nature and quiet. I had a lot of time to think and reflect on this trip. Whether for the better or worse, I'll see... I think for the better though. I will update my blog with more vacation pictures and stuff to say once I get a chance to look at all of them some more and rest!

Also, apologizes for my ugly blog posts lately! While on vacation, I did all of my posts on my phone and didn't realize they came out so ugly and were such bad quality. I fixed them all and added better pictures incase you want to look back... please look back; they were so ugly before. LOL.

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