Saturday, January 31, 2015


Real friends drive you to Little Tokyo because you're craving Japanese food. Real friends walk into makeup stores with you, even if they're a guy. Real friends walk around with you with no destination in mind just to talk to you. Real friends take time to catch up with you, always take your side, listen and dislike all the same people as you, even if it's just because you tell them to. Although I haven't known D for too long, he has quickly turned into one of my central friends. Tonight, D and I went to Little Tokyo en el centro de Los Angeles (el centro = downtown in Spanish) to chill for the first time since I've come back to LA. 

Walking around Little Tokyo at 10:30 at night for the first time, I've come to appreciate how late everything is open here! Not only are the restaurants open late, but so are some small gift and cosmetics stores! If you know me, cosmetics stores being open late = heaven basically. Surprisingly, the entire square was quite busy considering it was later in the night, especially in the mochi ice cream store! Don't people have better things to do on a Friday night, except eat mochi ice cream (Don't judge me. I'm too young to do better things on a Friday night LOL)?! The line was winding around the store, but so worth it!

There are not many other things in life that are more central to your happiness than good conversations and long walks around el centro with your real friends. Get my title now?!

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