Friday, January 16, 2015


My last name is Hua, which in Chinese means flower. Sounds familiar? I share the same last name with Hua Mulan! Like Mulan, although I'm expected to be like a flower, soft, fragile and gentle, I feel more vicious than flower-ly.
Although I'm in a slump at the moment, I hope that like Mulan, I can discover myself soon and rise up to what this challenge demands of me. I've been feeling very lonely and depressed with the loss of a few friends, but I know that all of this will just help me blossom into the adult I am meant to be.

These pictures were taken in Hualian, Taiwan. Get my title and introduction reference, now?! It was another middle of nowhere stop on my tour, but all of this nature was quite refreshing after being in the super busy and polluted city of Ho Chi Minh.

Hualian, according to my tour guide, is supposed to be a place where people from Taipei go to to relax. I guess it's equivalent to Palm Springs for us LA folks, but even more boring. There was literally nothing to do here and only one small street had stores to eat, so no shopping.

Taipei! Finally the city!!! I did not get to spend a lot of time in Taipei, only a few hours in total, actually. The next time I get a chance to visit Taiwan, I'm keeping myself glued in Taipei! It seems like any other asian city, with lots of buildings, business, people walking and motor-bikes! I miss riding motorbikes already. ): It's the thing I miss most every time I leave Asia. Cars suck and give me car-sickness, especially if I'm not driving. Why can't America and California use motorbikes more?!

But anyways, these are pictures at a plaza we visited that was doing some kind of ceremony... Not really sure, to be honest. But, the sight was nice! The outside overlooked a beautiful garden and Taipei 101. Lots of cam-horing here in Taiwan, I must say. Everyone not only takes pictures, but takes like 100 and don't budge from their spot. Very annoying. 

We did get a chance to go into the Taipei 101 building and mall, which is wayyy to expensive to buy anything, by the way, but since it was so foggy that day, it was worthless to go to the top for a view. Must go to the building on a non-foggy day, next time!

If you know me, you know I love to take pictures of streets! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Taipei's street markets, but imagine any other Asian street market and that's what it looks like. Their city is very facsinating because I've been to a few first world Asian countries already, but Taipei is super nice and modern! Architecture wise and everything else, except toilets that is. Ugh, the squatting toilets make me want to cringe even thinking about them. Better than Vietnam's "toilets" aka holes in the middle of the floor!

Like Hong Kong, there are lots of Sasa's if you're a make-up lover, like myself. But besides Sasa's, there are Cosmeds and Watsons!!! I visited all of these stores like 3 times because why not?! Make-up is so much cheaper here, so I am justified. I buy Majolica Majorica mascara here for like $25 with tax and in Taipei, it was only about $9! It was such a steal that I bought 4 back-ups!

This might be my last vacation blog, epp! Can't believe it's over, already. Two weeks go by so quick when you're having fun and discovering. Overall, I can't wait to go back to Asia again. Although the lifestyles and sanitation is very different, I love it. I miss home very much. I'm hoping to go back to Asia in the summer as a "Congratulations you made it through community college and got into a real college!" trip, but let's see where I get into for college first and what else happens hehe.

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