Wednesday, December 31, 2014

White Palace

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So, incase you haven't read up, I am in Vietnam! I'm from a small fishing town a few hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, but before my family and I returned home, we stopped by Vung Tau, which is a small beach town that was only 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh! 

My cousin took us to the White Palace, which he says is where the last king of Vietnam lived. The "palace" itself was a little small compared to American standards, but I could see the potential it had many many years ago! All of the original furniture was in place with signs saying "Do Not Touch," but how crazy, right?! I could have totally touched it because it wasn't glassed or blocked off. Blogger with a rebellious mind right here!! Just kidding, heh. I wouldn't touch it anyways; everything was very old and run down. 

What really amazes me here is the location of this so called palace. It is beautiful! It's located on a hill, so from the top, there's a beautiful view! The nature all around is stunning and the view of the ocean and city is like a dream! I must say, I am enjoying escaping winter weather in LA and getting to emerge myself back in "nature" and I say this a little sarcastically because by nature I mean getting a thousand mosquito bites. Kidding! Current mosquito bite count: 13. 

By the way, happy new year! Hope everyone is being safe and having fun! 

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