Monday, December 22, 2014

Final-ly done!

J and I went on a fancy date last week because I was finally done with finals! He, not so much heh. This semester was a lot harder than I anticipated, but I'm done and that's what matters! I actually did a lot better on my finals than I thought I was going to do, so I'm very happy with myself!

We went to Il Cielo in Beverly Hills, which is a really fancy Italian restaurant. I've always been intimidated to go because I heard it is quite expensive and nice, but I finally decided to just plunge for it and spend some money on food! It has three money signs on yelp... ekk! My parents are out of town, so I've been eating very bad lately because I cannot cook, so this was the first good food I have had in more than a week almost.

Like the name, the sky, the restaurant is decorated with lights all over to symbolize a starry night sky, I suppose. I wonder what it looks like in the morning? With tip, we paid $70 per person to eat with beautiful decor basically, but worth it for a celebration. It's extremely beautiful and quaint! I believe the restaurant is actually a house that the owners transformed into a restaurant, so it's super cute. The lights were bright, my spirits were bright and my handsome date was radiant!

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner every once in awhile! It also gives you a chance to wear that dress you bought incase you need to go to a fancy event, but still have never worn. (;

P.S. sorry that picture quality has been so bad lately. These are all taken on my poor old iPhone 4. I really need to start taking my camera around with me again! 

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