Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Disney Eve

Disneyland once again?! I know what you're thinking... "How many times does this girl go to Disney?!" Well, the answer is: "this girl can never have too much Disney, you silly head!"

I went to Disney with my friends for Christmas Eve and although it was magical, I must say it felt more magical last year. I'm not sure why... I mean the decor was all the same and was beautiful and all, but last year, something about it all just felt overwhelmingly beautiful. Maybe because it was my first time seeing it during the holidays last year? Not sure! I still enjoyed it, though. If you can only visit Disneyland one time, go during the holidays!!! After I went to Disney last year for Christmas Eve, each time I return I get a little sad because I just remember the splendor of it all during the holidays. A regular Disney day lacks compared to this. 

I must say, it's really beginning to embed itself in my brain that it's not the place you're at, but the people that you are with that make things fun. I'm not sure why it takes me going to Disneyland to realize this lately, but hey at least it's embedding itself now! I'm still learning more about my new friends and myself daily and I just hope for the new year I can improve myself! I've been quite moody and bitter lately when I should just enjoy the moment and let the small and mundane things go. Enjoy the moment and don't worry too much, folks! Like the infamous song, let it go!! 

You want your friends to like you and you want to enjoy the company of your friends not just during special occasions, but all year round. 

Hope everyone had happy holidays and will have an awesome new year! 

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