Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Always Find Your Way Back Home

After a year and a half of nonstop schooling, I am finally on a real vacation! I've taken every semester offered at my college since the summer I ended high school, so I haven't had a break longer than 3 weeks in more than a year, but now, finally, I have a 2 month vacation! Woohoo!!! 

My family and I vacation to Vietnam every other year together to visit family. I used to spend a whole month here every other year, so this is my second home. As an American, I always find it shocking whenever people say they have never visited their home country because I visit mine so often. Coming here each time, it reminds me to appreciate everything I have and everything I am. In America, it's easy to feel ashamed of yor culture, but I think once you visit your home country, it's like an identity reinforcer and reminder. 

My Malaysian friend J and I were discussing awhile ago about how Americans who are part of a minority group have an identity crisis. I know even for me that still is true sometimes. I'm American, but Americans will always view me as Asian. I'm Asian, but in Asia, people will always view me as an American. So, what am I? Asian or American? I don't belong in any group because I'm seen as a foreigner in both.

Although, sometimes, I am jealous of my international friends who have such a strong sense of identity, I do love being Asian and I love being American and getting to appreciate and integrate both cultures. I also really appreciate my parents for letting me visit Vietnam so often since I was young because I can identify and relate with both the third world Asian lifestyle and the first world American lifestyle. Because I do not speak Vietnamese, people often assume I don't know much about Vietnamese culture. So, it really bugs me when people talk to me like I've never been to Asia or don't know anything when I've probably been to Asia more than them and know just about as much as them, if not, more. 

Any who, nothing in the world beats the feeling of coming home! I know my home town and many parts of Ho Chi Minh city almost like the back of my hand. I kind of surprise myself with how much I remember each time... I love being home.

Hannah Montana sings, "You always find your way back home," but I say, "Always find your way back home." 

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