Wednesday, November 19, 2014


About 2 weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to go on a 3 day college trip to UCSB, CSUSF, UCB, and Stanford. I say fortunate because I've never visited many campuses before so this was major. 4 campuses in 3 days, what?! This post is late cause I haven't found the time to write about it and also, I forgot to bring my nice camera, which is why the pictures in this will be of lower quality than usual. Also, my phone charger was going crazy so I had to conserve battery and didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. 

Along with visiting 4 different universities, I got to visit 3 different cities! Get my title now? I've been to all of these cities on vacations already, but like I said in a previous post, I love to travel no matter what the reason. Strangely, I've never been to any of these campuses until this trip, so this trip was super useful to me because I did apply to 2 of these colleges after all.

By the way, this will be a college campus appreciation/ reflection post, so feel free to stay around or not!


First off, how is this even a school? This campus, like the city it's located in, feels like a resort. It's sooooo chill, like I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it's wasn't this. It's so different from my norm, which is UCLA. I tagged UCSB 2 months ago, so this is what I'm getting into if I don't get my first and second choice school! Funny that I tagged it and never visited it, huh? I'm completely happy with my decision though because look: it's super relaxing and from students' views, it seems like an amazing and helpful school to study at.

There's even a dock on this little lagoon in campus. To jump into the murky mold-filled water? Okay. HAHA. So chill!


This campus was super boring and dead so I have no pictures or other opinions on this. HAHAHHAH. 

3. UCB

Berkeley!!!! If you've known me since high school, you know Berkeley has always been a far-fetched  and kind of bipolar dream for me. I love Berkeley, but I'm not sure how much I want to go if I get accepted. When you walk around campus, all you want to do is study. Where UCSB is all palm trees, flat land, beaches and sunshine, Berkeley is all hills, oak and clouds. Like most people from California say, SoCal and NorCal are basically two separate states. The vibes are completely different and where LA is crazy crowded and busy, Berkeley and the surrounding area seems more quiet and quaint.

This is also my friend D's dream school, so we're hoping if we both get in and if we both accept, we will take another picture at this spot behind the library again next year! Dreaming!

Also, I heard Berkeley was kind of boring and dead, but it's not! It has a little city across the street from it just like how UCLA has Westwood. It's not as big as Westwood nor does it have as many useful stores like Target, but it's still exciting and cute! It's honestly such a different vibe from LA that I don't even know how to explain it or compare it.  It's smaller and more cozy? More rustic and hipster? LOL. I suck at this; just go!!! From what I walked through though, the stores are all small and local food and music stores whereas Westwood has big chain stores and more clothing places.

4. Stanford

Stanford is honestly the prettiest campus I have ever seen in my entire life. I haven't been to many other colleges, but I feel like no college could ever be as beautiful as this. I've never wondered much about Stanford cause it's freakin Stanford; not like I'm going there, but WOW is it amazing! I expected nothing and was actually a little annoyed beforehand that we were even visiting Stanford because it's not like any of us are applying there... HAHA, seriously though! Stanford takes only 3 transfers from the country! But walking around the campus, it makes me want to apply even though I know I could never survive in it. 

Ready yourself for a million pictures:

Look at these trees! It feels so cute and southern! This entire campus is a garden and it's stunning.

There's also a church on campus... how fancy! It's such an impressive church, too. I mean, look at that detail and that color! Ugh, this campus is too awesome! If I were a genius, this would be my school for sure. The atmosphere is so welcoming and warm. We went on a Sunday and there were a bunch of families playing or walking around campus for some reason. It's incredible and just feels so happy and relaxed even though I know the actual students were probably pulling their hair out in their dorms.

How rich is Stanford that they can afford to keep up with all of this, right? Well, I guess you do get what you pay for! 

5. San Francisco

The city of SF gets it's own number for me because it's always been my favorite city. I have nothing else to say now besides, "I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!"

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  1. UCB is a good school. A lot of competition for good grades.

    Your English writing skills are excellent. Perhaps you should consider becoming a teaching career in English writing since you said you enjoy reading and writing.

    Hope you are doing well at UCB