Monday, October 6, 2014

L8ly: San Diego

Free People top / / Forever21 skirt / / Madewell sandals

I'm actually incredibly angry at the moment because this is my second time writing this post. Blogger went crazy and deleted my first copy, so if you've read this already, I apologize. I'll try to remember all that I wrote the first time I wrote this. 
I haven't been writing much, so here's what's happening lately:
It's finally October! This is such an exciting time of the year because all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff come rolling out of stores, the weather will hopefully cool down for LA and most importantly, all of the best holidays are just around the corner. Although it's all so exciting, it sometimes comes and goes quicker than we would like it to, yeah? 
October stems from the "octo" or "okto," which are the Latin and Greek prefixes for the number 8. October used to be the 8th month of the year until the Roman calendar change by Julius Ceasar and Ceasar Augustus, who added July and August in there to mess up the months (the names are so humble, too, I know). October is not only exciting and happy for these reasons stated above, but 8 also happens to be my lucky number! 

This October however, was especially exciting and happy for me because my boyfriend and I traveled down to San Diego for the weekend for our anniversary! I hadn't been back in about 2 years, so it was thrilling to finally travel a little and explore a new city with the BF. Whenever I go, I always do the same things, i.e. outlet shop and go to the beach, so it was so exhilarating and thrilling to go to a new area and discover new things with my lover! Also, this was a much needed getaway/vacation because school has been way too stressful l8ly

I've always seen and admired these giant chess board games that are usually available solely on cruise ships, but still have yet to go on a cruise. You can see how happy I was when I saw these at a mall nearby our hotel! Not as large as the cruise ships one, but now I can add a new bullet on my "Excuses to go on a Cruise List: - to play with a giant chess board in a size that no other place can offer." Although to be honest, I only know how to play checkers. (;

Was anyone else not aware that Starbucks makes a size larger than the Venti called the Trenta?! Go wild!!!

If you live in LA, the immediate connotation you associate with downtown is not a good one. Downtown LA is infamous for all of the pick-pocketing, counterfeit items and is just slightly scary and sketchy (note my euphemism for that last part if you haven't already), so while driving in downtown San Diego searching for our hotel, you can imagine my inner monologue of fear and anxiety in the boyfriend's taste in hotel accommodations. However, once we turned a certain corner in what resembled downtown LA with a bunch of sketchy stores, lawyers and homeless people, to my surprise, suddenly turned into a beautiful metropolis!

Our hotel was easily spotted looming over all of downtown and is most definitely the tallest in the area. We got an awesome view! It was also right next to PETCO park and the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con is held at.

Downtown San Diego is unlike downtown LA in all aspects. It's filled with pedestrians instead of cars, has quaint and rustic architecture and most importably, is lively and inviting!

Our hotel was also situated right next to the historic Gaslamp Quarter, where all of the best food and entertainment is located. The tourist sections of downtown San Diego are constantly filled with people walking. No fear of being robbed or kidnapped here! It looks like it's under major reconstruction because every other block you walk there is a crane hovering over you. Surprisingly, it wasn't even that noisy and even if it was, there is so much noise and chatter surrounding you that you wouldn't even care. It's so friendly and happy compared to downtown LA!

I love walking through every city's downtown because they're all so different and unique! One detail super interesting about downtown San Diego is that they have like those thrones like seats attached to the back of bikes with lights all attached and music playing where you can ride around and sight-see in. How cool, right?! I've seen horse drawn carriage/thrones in downtown Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, but not these human ones. I've only seen these kinds in Asia, so I thought that was unique! A very good workout for the men biking, too!

I get my boyfriend the best picture shots because I'm such an awesome photographer. He, not so much. Heh.

After bunch, we decided to head to Mission Beach! It resembles Santa Monica in regards that it's a really popular and lively beach with a small theme park located next to it. 

In spite of the fact that it's lesser known, it definitely stands its own ground to the famous Santa Monica Pier with its theme park. The rides here are much more to my liking, aka the extreme rides! Unfortunately, we ran out of time to go ride, but I'll definitely come back one day just for them!

One thing my boyfriend and I immediately noticed here is the sand. We went to two beaches in San Diego and both sands felt the same and are vastly different from LA sand. You never realize how rough and grainy our sand is until you've felt this sand! It's incredibly finely milled, soft and smooth (I feel like I'm talking about makeup haha). I kept touching it cause it felt so good! The only thing that sucked about it was that it was also super hot. It seemed like we were the only ones who forgot to bring an umbrella/tent on this extremely hot day, so people probably looked at us like we were crazy. Who doesn't bring an umbrella to the beach in 95 degree weather in the middle of the afternoon? Us idiots, obviously... It's okay though because I'm sure we got enough sun and vitamin D to last us through the upcoming winter! In your faces, lucky tent people!

No matter how many times I've seen a sunset at the beach or have seen pictures of sunsets, I remain unfazed at its beauty. Even looking at this picture below now, it makes me so happy and relazed. This was taken at Seagrove beach the day before. Although busier than I liked, the view was well worth it. I'm making a note to myself now, as you all should, to go to the beach more often for sunsets. Earth is wonderful and beautiful and we should dedicate more time to admire it.

All in all, I love my boyfriend so much and am so thankful to have had this opportunity to get away for a weekend with him. Although us Americans are notorious for being lazy, surprisingly, we do not take enough vacations! What do we do with our lazy time?! British people and Europeans take vacations ALL THE TIME. It's so good for the soul and mind! So unlike my fellow Americans and my parents, I hope I will have the means and opportunity to travel frequently when I'm older, even if it's just small getaways like this. I also hope my boyfriend and I will have the chance to do this again soon! Time is too short to find a reason to travel, yeah?

I hope you all will have an amazing rest of October, because I know that mine has started off g8!


  1. Wow, San Diego looks amazing, very jealous! And your outfit is lovely :)

    Lagerfeld Love

    1. Oh it is! If you ever get the chance to go, you should stop by for a few days. Beaches are to die for!