Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Brandy Melville dress (old) / / Free People bralette / / Aeropostale cardigan / / Friend's hat / / Steve Madden shoes

This is one of my favorite dresses I've ever owned, like ever. It's so effortlessly cute and has an exposed back to show off all those cute bralettes I have piling in the back of my drawer that don't see the light of day too much. Actually, this outfit is all of my favorites mushed together. When people probably think of me, this is what they think of: dress, boots and big cardigan. So basic, I know, but it's all of the most comfortable and lazy things together is why (LOL)!

Also, this cardigan has quickly become my favorite in the past like month. It's from the Bethany Mota Collection at Aeropostale. I've been watching Bethany Mota on Youtube since she came out, but I'm not like a huge fan or supporter or anything, but this cardigan is such good quality for the price and the brand (Aeropostale isn't exceptional quality incase I'm bursting anyone's bubble). I had a coupon, too, so I got it for even cheaper! Yay! A burgundy colored one was also available, but I didn't think I would like it so much! I'm a girl who had never shopped at Aeropostale before in my life before this cardigan, so you can't blame me too much. I just wish I bought it now because I can't find it in stores anymore and it's sold out online. Ugh, the struggle. At least I got the white one though!

So, about a week ago, your girl here joined an international students club at school. I'm not international or anything though! I'm born and raised right here in LA, but since youth, I've always loved traveling and have always been fascinated with different cultures. Fun fact: right before I left high school, I was even looking into airline stewardess jobs. Yep, I love traveling and exploring that much, so I'm not exactly sure why I didn't think to join this club sooner. Actually, I do know why: I didn't even know about it that's why, but even if I did, I doubt I would have gone. I reluctantly went with my friend one day so he could drop off a check, but I was pressured to sit down and wow, was I wrong about clubs before...

I didn't look into clubs before because clubs take up my valuable time studying in between classes, eating and free time in general! But I guess I've recently discovered that when you find the right club, it's not a chore, at all, but a chance to get closer to people who interest and can help you.

I even met three girls who have been like stalking me since last spring!? HAHAH. I accept because I do the same to people all the time. I would probably be even better than them and would have found out like my school, my facebook, my insta, etc! Ask my boyfriend though, I seriously am that good and I'm not ashamed of my skills... Girls, you understand the strange obsessions and struggle.  

So, I'm happy I found this club sooner rather than later since it is my last year at junior college. I met a bunch of awesome international students from all over the place. Let me tell you, I've done more than my fair of clubbing in the past from being part of Key Club International to STEM Council, but this one is definitely the most united and welcoming out of them all. It's probably because it's all lonely, but excited international people trying to make friends and talk about how much they love America?! HAHAHAH. In all seriousness though, that's probably the reason. LOL. 

Moral is, explore clubs at your school! You never know what clubs are available and what kind of people await for you in them, so be active and do your research. School clubs are like Vegas Clubs; You have to do some club-hopping to see what's out there and to see what you like! If you think a club might sound lame or if you're scared of not knowing anyone in it, you honestly have nothing to lose by going and trying one to see how you fit in it. 

Take initiative! Be courageous! Go clubbing!

I had to include this awesome jumping picture a group of some new friends and I did. It's so funny! Plus, the after jump picture is even funnier, especially the look on my friend K's face who was doing that weird floor jump. 

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