Sunday, September 21, 2014


American Eagle shirt / / Brandy Melville skirt / / Target boots / / Rebecca Minkoff purse
I am transfairing to a university soon (Get it? Transfer plus air from my jump?! Sorry, had to do it hehe)! How frightful!

My boyfriend and I went to the UCLA undergraduate admissions and transfer students open house today, which was basically a lot of self-promotion on UCLA's part is all. I was a little confused as to why they feel like they need to sell themselves even more to people and students, I mean it's the number one applied to university in the country. They're not short on applicants, so why do they need to promote themselves so much?! People will happily chop off their arm and maybe even a leg to get into here (cue nervous laughter)! Even though UCLA has so much going for them, it's still nice and appreciated that they throw this open house and give all these free bags and goodies! 

As a transfer student mixed in with a majority of high school seniors today, I must say I've never regretted and still am happy to this day that I waited to go to a university. I don't think I was at the right time in my life nor had the right maturity yet to leave the nest from high school. I've learned a lot from going into a community college first and I am EXTREMELY proud of how much I've grown not just academically, but personally in just one year really. I'm no longer the ignorant and depressed valley girl who had never had to experience the hardships of the 405 freeway nor had never been in the city anymore. It's crazy cause I practically live there now and have gained so much new knowledge about myself, people, this wonderful city and all of the wondrous places beyond it! I'm applying this winter and I am galaxies away more informed and confident about my educational decisions, my major (English major by the way) and in myself and my abilities today than I was just one short year ago.

Not exactly sure what school I want to go into yet, but I won't let myself get too carried away; let me get into some first. LOL. 

Our faces each time we see these iconic and incredibly painful stairs...

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