Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Storm With Legs?

"What the heck does storm with legs mean?" This is the first question everyone asks me about my blog. I never started off with an introduction when I first started my blog about a month ago and kind of just jumped into it instead, so here I am! 

So what does storm with legs mean? My URL was inspired by a quote that goes like so: " I'm not a girl. I am a storm with skin." When I first found this quote while scrolling down my tumblr dash board a few years ago I thought to myself, "This is me. " I am a storm. I am fierce, wild, dangerous, unpredictable, powerful and potentially disastrous. Aren't we all? There is so much strife and perseverance in not just my life, but in all life. The human experience is crazy, but this craziness is what makes us distinctly human. The storm to me symbolizes all of our wildly unstable emotions and lives and the constant need to be a little crazy. Sounds kind of emotional, yeah? But, it's true! If you're not so into my explanation so far, how about we are all storms because we are all a force to be reckoned with? Perhaps even a dangerous one? Well let me tell you, not only do I think I am a storm because I have so many thoughts and feelings I want to share with you all, but also because with my whole existence, I am a force to be reckoned with. If you know me, you know I'm a super sassy and passionate girl who will rip you apart if you stand in my way. Now, why did I make my url "storm with legs" instead of "with skin"? Well, I wanted to show how feeling stormy is not just a state we can go in and out of; it's something that travels with us and that we can't escape. We carry who we are and this storminess with us everywhere we go. 

So, there's the explanation of my URL! Hope it makes sense now. Moreover, here's a short bio of me incase you were also wondering who the heck you're reading, as well:

Living and loving in LA.
I'm an English major.
I've been following bloggers and Youtubers religiously since I was 13 and I am now 19!
I eat more than most men and eat sweets more than I eat real food.
Thoroughly obsessed with all things Disney, Bachelor/Bachelorette, and The Vampire Diaries, however my all time forever obsession is Avatar: The Last Airbender!!!
Strong believer and philanthropist in common sense, kindness, and courtesy. 
Super into sci-fi! Some of my all time fav movies and books are sci-fi, such as GATTACA, The Butterfly Effect, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Unwind (watch/read them all and thank me after).  
Hope you enjoy my ever-changing hair! I can't seem to stay with one hair color/cut for a long period of time.

P.S. This blog will be whatever I want it to be. Mostly a "Look what I did today," "Look where I went today," "This is how I feel right now" blog, heh.

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