Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Get Skintimate

First off, let me explain this pretty ugly picture. I was planning to take a beautifully artsy picture of my products laying in the sun in the lush green grass, but went outside and could't find a decent patch because my dog for some odd reason eats it, so this is my make-do picture. ):

In Spanish class the other day, we did an activity where we talked about what foods we liked and I said my favorite food is french fries! I love french fries! McDonald's french fries the most, but yes, I will eat all fries! My horrible diet was unveiled to my friend and he asked me, "How is your skin so nice even though you eat so much junk food?" I literally laughed out loud when I heard that. I know a lot of people stray from foods that they think will break them out, but I think life is too short to worry about a pimple here and there. Awesome food is seriously one of the best things in life. Now, my skin isn't perfect, but I think it's pretty good (knock on wood!). Quite a few people actually ask me this, so let's get skintimate:

1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes: These remove all of my makeup quickly and easily without irritating my eyes. I wear waterproof mascara/ Japanese fiber mascaras everyday and this removes all of it without any harsh rubbing!

2.  Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil: When I tell people I wash my face with an oil, they freak out. Do your research. Many oils will not break you out nor make you oilier if you are oily-skinned! This Boscia one is the best cleansing oil I've tried thus far. Many oils I've tried don't make you feel completely clean or leave you feeling like you have a film of something on your face afterwards, but not this one! It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but still hydrated and all with no residue left over. Also, you can use this as your makeup remover too, it just might take more rubbing if you wear hard to remove mascara like me. Plus, this smells kind of minty, which is my favorite scent. 

3. Olay ProX: This battery-powered brush is a Clarisonic dupe. If you can only afford to change your skincare in one way, buy this one or invest in a Clarisonic. Your hands will never be able to wash your face as thoroughly as this brush can. Here's a link to show you. Plus, mine is pink. (:

4. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: This is a Korean brand toner. Toner claims to do all of this amazing stuff to your skin like tighten your pores, balance skin's pH level, etc, but I mainly use it to remove extra dirt and makeup. Back before I got my Olay ProX, my cotton pad would come out like an opaque brown because I had so much left over dirt and makeup on my skin that didn't wash out completely with my hands! Today, my cotton pad remains white, but I continue to use toner anyways because this bottle has a super fun pump like the ones Sephora stores have!

4. Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid and Cream: This is a hydrating serum and cream! I have INTENSELY DRY and sensitive skin and this duo is the only thing that actually hydrates me. Before this, my skin would always be peeling or flaking like fish scales on my face. Not only did it look ugly, but it hurt a lot because it was so dry! Since using this, my skin no longer hurts me, peels nor flake. I also used to feel a burning sensation whenever I applied lotion, which I'm not sure what that is a reaction to, but this lotion doesn't give that burning sensation, at all. It feels creamy and refreshing from application to slumber. This duo is expensive, but worth it if you have intensely dry skin like me.  

5. CeraVe: This is my morning moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, feels light and has no scent even though it has sunscreen. Remember, always use sunscreen!!! 

6. Tretinoin Cream: This is the unbranded version of RetinA, which is a prescribed retinol cream. Retinol has too many benefits to say, so here's a link. 

That's all! I am not a professional; I am just saying what has personally worked for my skin, so far. Find what works for YOUR skin! I have intensely dry and sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and hives, so I had to research and try out many products (and got many break outs and reactions from shopping around) to find what works best for me, but it's all part of the journey. Now that I've found a good routine, I maybe will get a pimple or two near my period, but that's pretty much it (Knock on wood!!). 

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