Monday, September 1, 2014

Happiest Place on Earth

Brandy Melville tank / / Gilly Hicks bralette / / BDG shorts / /Brandy Melville backpack / / Ted Baker sunglasses 

Went to Disneyland with the girly that makes me happiest on Earth (Get it? Hehe)! I absolutely love being with A because we're so alike. We have all the same passions for reading, fashion, social media, shows, shopping and more! Not only do we have the same fashion and everything else taste, but we also have the same flare for pictures! We both love taking pictures but struggle with trying to find someone who loves pictures as much as we do or have the talent behind the camera. So being with A, naturally we had to take many pictures, including many experimental hair flips and jumping pictures! All of which didn't come out great, but are hilarious nevertheless. I thought we needed more excitement and movement in our pictures!

My favorite ride in Disneyland is the Mark Twain river boat... I know so weird out of all the rides, right? But yeah, that should explain why I have so many pictures on the boat. If you want a picture session, run to the back because no one is ever in the back. Super ironic though because the back has the best lighting due to the shade cast over from the captain's cabin. I just find something super relaxing and romantic about the river boat. Every time I board, I feel transported to a different time and place even better than Disney. Shocking, I know! I've always romanticized the south even though I know there is nothing romantic about it. I mean, imagine a life of racism, extreme religious devotion and hard work in the sun! For someone from the very liberal and relatively sane socal (compared to the rest of the world), I know I wouldn't survive, but hey, we all romanticize something. (:

Didn't have enough arms to match him, but I tried. HAHA. 

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