Friday, September 19, 2014


Brandy Melville dress (old) / / Madewell sandals / / Rebecca Minkoff purse / / Forever21 sunglasses
I guess you can say I was daized when I found this gorgeous park in the middle of Santa Monica right next to third street promenade! Get the title, yet? Play on words with the daisies on my dress and the feeling of being dazed when I found this awesome park! 

I actually discovered this park last year with my boyfriend in the middle of the night and haven't been back since. So it was awesome seeing it in the daytime in all its working water and green glory! I don't think anyone knows about this park cause it's completely empty. Such a shame because it's constructed beautifully and sophisticatedly. Gives off such an east coast vibe! Or at least I think it does; I've never been (LOL). So it's what I think the east coast feels like from the pictures I've seen. To be honest, I can't remember the name of this park and can't seem to find it online either, but if anyone does know please remind me again! 

This park is absolutely ideal for getting away from the busier areas surrounding it such as the pier, the beach and, obviously, third street promenade. It's quite large with so many interesting details, walkways and, once again, it's basically abandoned. Great for pictures, reading, or relaxing. It was so awkward though cause A and I were walking and walked right into a couple in the middle of a major make out session. That's how empty is it! They felt that comfortable enough for a full on public make out. Super awkward and gross... 

Explore where you live! You never know what new sight might daize you!

I couldn't help myself and had to touch this adorable water moat surrounding the center of one section of the park. Not drinking it at least!

I had to because I matched the flowers. HAHAHA. 

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