Thursday, September 25, 2014

Craisy Day

Brandy Melville shirt / / Ardene skirt / / Madewell sandals (not pictured)
Today was craisy beautiful! Get it? Crazy plus the daisies from my skirt! Lame attempt, but I tried (insert the "You tired" star from tumblr LOL)! 

It was such a beautiful day here in LA. The weather's been a little bipolar and was like over 100 degrees last week, became really cold on Monday and now is just perfect with some refreshing wind even! Also, because of Rosh Hashanah, the 405 freeway was completely empty! I got on it and thought "Hallelujah!" when I saw the vast emptiness in front of me! It only took me 30 minutes to get to school instead of the normal hour.

Now, onto my outfit now for this perfect day; I got this skirt in the mail yesterday and I'm obsessed with it. It's seriously the perfect skirt for me. I like my skirts to be a little fuller because I find my body is shaped like an upside down triangle, so I have a super skinny waist that needs to balance out with my wider shoulders. This skirt is perfect for that! The tulip shape adds just enough flare to my hips without making me look like I'm wearing a super puffy tulle tutu, which is the struggle with finding puffier skirts. All skirts are either a pencil, envelope, skater or full out tutu. Most skater skirts still don't flare enough for me due to material or construction, incase you were curious. You, too, have probably noticed that there aren't many choices these days in between these four categories of skirts, that is unless you've been living under a rock or haven't been shopping in a year or two. Ugh, the struggle with trendy fashion that doesn't work on you. So, shout out to the girls with no butts or hips: find a tulip skirt ASAP!!! 

My camera took this picture by accident, but the lighting looks, so nice I just had to include it  here even though I don't HAHA. Click on the picture, lighting looks better when the picture is bigger and you'll see what I mean. I need to fix my eyebrows, but my eyelashes look good at least! Wearing Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Such a naughty name, but it works awesome!


  1. Ah this outfit is lovely! You styled that skirt so well not to mention you're absolutely gorgeous?

    Lagerfeld Love