Monday, September 22, 2014

Break, fast

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I miss summer break so much. Between my hectic fall school schedule and college applications, one thing I must say I really miss and appreciate now from summer is eating out for breakfast/ brunch. I'm always in class or too busy with homework now to go out for this special time of day. It sucks because the sun is out and I hear people outside enjoying the daylight, but I'm stuck inside. I mean, I'm not a morning person to begin with AT ALL, but once one is forbidden from it, you miss it. You're reading a blog written by a girl whose norm during winter and summer breaks is sleeping at 4am and rising up at 1pm. I'm basically nocturnal, but I've always loved eating out for breakfast or brunch because it makes me feel relaxed, happy and like I'm on vacation aka the only time I actually wake up early enough to eat breakfast. When I'm on break again in the winter, I'll remember to make more brunch dates! Who knows, maybe I'll even become a normal morning bird and eat breakfast at a normal breakfast time everyday! ... or maybe not hehe. 

These pictures were from a quick brunch date with the bf over summer. Looks extra good now that I can't have it. I remember we were both complaining that we were tired from having to wake up earlier that day to get brunch, but boy would I kill to have one of these dates again right now. Lesson = learned!

This specific day, I had red velvet pancakes topped with strawberry syrup and fresh strawberries plus a side of bacon and eggs. The boyfriend got chocolate french toast with bananas. Does it taste as good as it looks? Even better. Where do you find this little piece of blessed heaven on Earth? It's served at this small, but busily famous place called Cici's Cafe in Tarzana, which is infamous for it's killer breakfast foods as illustrated below. Ugh,  I need a break, fast! Get the title now? Hehe.  

P.C. to the bf who had better lighting from his side of the table!

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