Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zoo(m) In!

Ecote tank top / / For Love and Lemons bralette / / Ralph Lauren shorts (old) / / Converse sneakers

Zooming in with my camera all the way to capture the small and hidden animals at the zoo seems to be my hobby this summer! I love animals and always have since I was a kid, but only this summer have I actually gone to the most famous zoo - the San Diego Zoo! Actually, I went like last month (which will be another late post heh), but I went to the Safari Park for my first time too this summer and it was such a great experience. 

Although expensive, the Safari Park in SD is wonderful to see all of the animals run, be free, and mingle with other species in a huge chunk of land. It gave me so much joy to just witness a bunch of different species chilling and simply looking at and with each other because it is such a rare nonexistent sight in other zoos.

I wore this cute and very light-weight outfit to the Safari Park because it was 100 degrees with skin-burning sun shining down at full potential. SO glad I wore something so light because I literally sweated the entire day... so don't zoom in to close to me! Hehe.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sea(ing) Blue

Free People dress / / Free People bralette / / Madewell sandals / / Forever 21 hat

It's literally been like 95 - 110 degrees everyday for the past 2 weeks and it SUCKS. Having acclimated to norcal weather already, this weather has been extra sucky to me. However, going to the beach always has me sea-ing the blues, and not in the bad way! Get my title now?! 

Sea blues, beachy weather, chill vibes, and this blue Free People dress is exactly what I needed to get away from the monotony of summer heat and work!

I was walking around the mall last week when I saw this dress on a mannequin and knew I had to have it for this summer. This blue color and all of the details from the crochet top to the draw strings on the side are just to die for! I haven't bought any Free People clothing items in awhile, but the style and quality of this dress is top notch and screams summer. This would also be a great beach cover up to layer with your bikinis! The back of the dress is unlined crochet, so I wore it with a cute strappy back bralette from Free People too, which matched my shoes and hat!

Having a car and an easily accessible beach literally make summer life.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Appealing to a Feeling

NBD dress / / Michael Kors heels
Weddings have always made me cry like a baby!! I guess because of all of the raw and vulnerable emotions just out for the world to see and also the idea that I am witnessing someone's final fulfillment of happiness and love happening right in front of me... As a pretty cynical person living in a world that I believe is a being increasingly filled with strange phobias and superficial feelings, weddings somehow still give me hope for the future (for myself and for all of you!). Since I'm such a sensitive introvert, I've always found it appealing when people share with me their feelings, giving me some typ(a) feeling, too. Get my title now (I think it's witty, okay!)?!

Side note, also thankful for a shopping addiction that provides to me an array of dresses to choose from when attending a wedding last minute!!

My cousin and his gf finally got married this weekend and it was such a cute wedding. I'm very thankful to have been there to witness it all (even though I was not planning to because of an ugly cold sore; this also explains why for all of these pics I'm looking to the right LOL) because I have not been to a wedding in awhile and so, this was such a refreshment after such an emotionally tumultuous year for me. What a great way to start off the summer!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Break, Finally!

Abercrombie & Fitch dress (just bought on sale in stores, but don't see it online!)  / / mom's belt (old) / / Jeffrey Campbell boots / / Rebecca Minkoff purse


Oh my gosh I can't believe how quickly this year actually went by! And, I survived my first year without ruining my GPA! 

Getting sick like 10 times (literally - ask my roommate), breaking out in acne, and crying for a whole week straight (again, literally - ask my roommate) are just some of the many firsts that I have fulfilled during my first year at Berkeley (sadly or funnily - take it as you may). However, I'm finally on summer break and am so excited to be home for a straight 3 months! But, I only have one month of freedom before I start working full-time in June so time to go wild! I've been home for awhile now, but have mainly been stuck indoors due to a few sicknesses happening back to back... literally the worst start of summer vacation ever. But, I can't wait until I get better so I can start actually going out and continue my tanning.

So, one of the few the only remotely exciting thing I have done so far is visit the Venice Canals in LA. Surprisingly large and entertaining! You can spend a good like 3 hours just walking around and looking at the houses and boats.

The houses here remind me of Disneyland because they're all really short and have a theme - one was shaped like a castle, some super modern, some kind of like a temple. It was just so amazing to see how unique each house was built and decorated! Although they kind of look like mini houses because of the short floor heights and narrow length, but don't be fooled! Although narrow, but are long and have multiple floors. Some of the newer ones are even like a mansion and make me so jealous! I really recommend walking around here because these houses are just such #goals. Each house I think also owns a little boat in the canal! They're all so unique and vintage I want one!

Bread, bread, bread, bread! I LOVE BREAD! 

My lovely boyfriend decided we should go to this Italian restaurant nearby afterwards and it was one of the best I've ever had (my favorite Italian restaurant is in San Diego!)! It was next to the Venice pier, so very romantic and cooling at night, and had the best garlic bread EVER. It's called C&O Trattoria for anyone interested!

Super random and jumpy post, but that's all I have for now hehe. I shall live vicariously through everyone on my social media until I'm better again! So, until next time!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Brandy Melville top (old) / / Free People bralette / / Madewell skirt (old)

Studying, reading, and adulting (aka laundry, cooking, etc) all in the midst of midterm season can definitely make one feel like they're just marinading in stress and chores, so like any rational and responsible college student, I decided to ignore it all and headed over to the Berkeley marina to marinade in sun and saltwater air instead! Get my title now?!

I stayed at a hotel right on the marina one of the first times I came to Berkeley interestingly, but I haven't visited since. Super funny side story: I told my friends on the trip that I couldn't come to Berkeley because the air is too clean and crisp - it hurt my lungs. HAHAH. Literally everyone on that trip looked at me and gave me a "wtf did you just say" or "is this girl being forreal" look. But anyways, I love the air now! I also love the vibe of the marina because it's so beautiful, lush, and hipster. It's one of those areas where I look at and can't help but think "I can't believe I live here now." I literally could have cried from happiness too because a huge section of the park is a dog park so dogs kept randomly running up or walking around me - heaven on earth is dogs runnings free chasing birds and bugs and sometimes even you.

I'm going to make sure to make more of an effort to visit the marina and other beautiful places around school, and not just as last minute escapes from stress... although last minute escapes are great, too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Free People off the shoulder dress / / Old Navy coat (old) / / Converse sneakers / / Brandy Melville sunglasses / / handmade choker

Seemingly, being out in the sun for a few hours would make you tan, right? However, after an entire day of hanging out by San Diego seashores and beaches, the sun did absolutely nothing for my complexion. Get my title now?!

Since school started back in August, I went from being almost the tannest I had ever been in my life to being almost the most pale I have ever been in my life. Personally, I think I look best when I have light/medium skin. It's when my makeup and hair colors usually look best on me! I preferably don't think I look good too tan, but I don't look good too pale either. While walking past my mirror a few weeks ago, I caught sight of myself in my peripheral vision and literally ran back into my room to tell my roommate, "Dude, I'm like a ghost. I'm so pale." So when spring break finally rolled around, I took out my short shorts and dresses and drove to the beach as soon as I could! However, my efforts failed slightly - I only got a pinch more color back in me. Waiting for summer now!

Coming to San Diego makes me so happy each time because it's like LA on steroids - more chill, more beachy, more Mexican food, and even better, with nicer people, too! We met up with our friends' sister and she took us to some new places including Seaport Village (which I have mostly pictured) and Little Italy!

I love this super awkward picture of A. Doesn't it just make you laugh from how awkward it is?! I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this!

A and I used to meet up with M only once a year for one day literally, but starting summer last year, we've seen him so much and have even met his brother! It makes my heart so happy even though they bully me (they secretly love me though hehe)!

I (sea)med to have ended spring break just as pale as when it started, but just 5 more weeks until summer vacation!!